Some common questions asked by Reunion 13 users...

Reunion is in "demo" mode, but I already purchased Reunion 13.

Is Reunion 13 compatible with macOS Sonoma?

Is Reunion 13 compatible with macOS Ventura?

Is Reunion 13 compatible with macOS Monterey?

Is Reunion 13 compatible with macOS Big Sur?

Will Reunion 13 run on the new Apple Silicon Macs using Apple's new M1 or M2 chips?

Is Reunion 13 compatible with macOS Catalina?

Is Reunion 13 a 64-bit app?

My family file is on Dropbox and I can no longer open it or am seeing some strange behaviors.

Dropbox now has a limit of 3 devices... What can I do?

How do I upgrade or convert my old family file into the Reunion 13 format?

Reunion 13 can't be opened because it was not downloaded from the Mac App Store.

Why isn't the family file on my Mac syncing with ReunionTouch on my device?

How do I install a maintenance update?

After upgrading, can I trash my older version of Reunion?

How do I move my tree from to Reunion?

How do I get images from into Reunion via GEDCOM?

How are citations and sources imported from FTM/Ancestry?

How do I move my tree from Family Tree Maker to Reunion?

How do I move my tree from MacFamilyTree to Reunion?

Citations and sources in Reunion.

Why are there only 255 characters for the citation detail?

How do I share a web project using my Dropbox account?

Why is my upgraded family file larger?

After upgrading to Reunion 13, what causes a delay when entering new information?

Reunion is in demo mode and I use CleanMyMac3 or MacKeeper.

How do I make a book?

How do I share information with people who don't have Reunion?

Does Reunion support iCloud? Can I use iCloud to sync/save my family files?

What do I do if there's a message saying "unexpectedly quit" or "crash log?"

How do I send you a family file?

Is Reunion available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch?

If my kids get ReunionTouch, can I share my family file with them; but, keep them from making changes to my family file on the Mac?

Can I use Reunion on more than one Mac? I own a desktop Mac and a laptop.

How do I delete report/chart/family files?

How do I move data from PAF (Personal Ancestral File) to Reunion?

I'm switching to a newer Mac. How do I transfer my Reunion files from one Mac to another?

I installed Reunion 13. How do I get started?

How do I display pictures directly in the family view?

How do I marry two people I've already entered separately?

How do I record name changes in Reunion?

Is there a manual or user's guide? How do I use the Help in Reunion?

I live in an EU Member State or Switzerland. Does Dropbox follow our privacy laws.

Can I add my own sites to the Web Searching feature? Yes, if you're technically inclined. (Note: these instructions refer to Reunion 10; but the process is the same when using Reunion 13.) Click here for documentation.