Upgrade Questions & Answers

Am I eligible to purchase the Reunion 14 upgrade?

To use the upgrade version, you must own a qualifying older version of Reunion (Reunion 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, etc.). It is not necessary to install an older version.

Will Reunion 14 run on my Macintosh?

Reunion 14 requires macOS X version 10.12 (Sierra) or newer.

How can I purchase the upgrade?

The easiest way is to purchase online, right now, by clicking this button...


If you reside outside the USA, the upgrade may also be available from your regional dealer.

How much does the Reunion 14 upgrade cost?

The cost is $49.95 (unless you live in Pennsylvania; where sales tax makes the total $52.95). Prices are in US dollars.

How is the upgrade delivered?

The Reunion 14 upgrade is only available via download.

I recently purchased Reunion 13. Am I eligible for a free upgrade to Reunion 14?

Click here for details.

I never registered my purchase in the past. Can I still purchase an upgrade from you?

Yes; however, the upgrade will only work if you own an older version of Reunion. It is not necessary to install an older version.

I've never bought Reunion. Where can I buy it new?

Directly from us or visit the Where to Buy page and contact a dealer.

Will my existing data (from my older version of Reunion) be compatible?

Yes. You will use Reunion 14 to open your old family file(s) and then Reunion will convert and save them with a new name. Instructions are on this web page.

I have a very old version of Reunion (earlier than version 5). Will I be able to upgrade?

Yes. However due to significant changes in the data files, you must send your data files to us for conversion. There is no need to send any data files if you have an older version of Reunion and you haven't entered any information. If you have version 4, please visit this web page for instructions.

Is a demo version available for version 14?

Yes. If you download Reunion 14, it will run in "demo" mode if it can't find a license. Click here to visit the download page.

If I upgrade to Reunion 14, do I also have to purchase an update for ReunionTouch?


Does ReunionTouch (our mobile app for iPhone/iPad) need to be updated to work with Reunion 14?

If you use ReunionTouch, we recommend getting the latest update directly from the iOS App Store. Also, we recommend visiting this page after upgrading to Reunion 14, for instructions on sharing your new Reunion 14 family file with ReunionTouch.

Will Reunion for iPhone/iPad work with Reunion 14?

Our current mobile app is called ReunionTouch. (Our older app Reunion for iPad/iPhone was discontinued in 2015.) If you're using Reunion 14 and you want to see/edit your data on the iPhone/iPad, you'll need to get ReunionTouch. It's available on the iOS App Store. More information about ReunionTouch appears here.

Is Reunion available for Windows?