Can I move a shared family file from Dropbox to iCloud Drive and vice versa?

Yes, here is how...

  1. Close your family file on your Mac and quit Reunion.
  2. Close your family file on your mobile device(s). To do this, tap the Hammer icon and then tap Close.
  3. From the Finder, drag-and-drop your family file from your Dropbox folder to your iCloud Drive folder or vice versa.
  4. Open your family file in Reunion and from Reunion’s main menubar choose File > Sharing Status.
  5. In the Sharing Status window, click the Reset Sharing button and then close the Sharing Status window.
  6. On your mobile device, launch ReunionTouch and delete your family file. This is done from the Welcome to ReunionTouch window by swiping left on the family file name.
  7. Tap on Download a family file from iCloud Drive or Download a family file from Dropbox, locate and select your family file.

NOTE: You can not download two different family files with the same name to ReunionTouch.

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