I can't download my family file from Dropbox.

The name of my family file is gray/disabled and I can't select it.

My family file is "zipped."

The correct way to move your family file to Dropbox is using the Finder, via drag and drop.

If you used your web browser to put your family file in Dropbox (via the Dropbox web page), it will become "zipped" (or compressed). Dropbox does this whenever you move a family file via its web interface. Because the family file is zipped, ReunionTouch can't open it.

The solution is to use the Finder to open your Dropbox folder, locate your zipped family file, and double-click it. This will "unzip" (or un-compress) the family file. Then wait until Dropbox is finished syncing before eventually using ReunionTouch to download the family file.

If your old family file is located in your Applications folder, you will need to hold down the Command key when dragging the family file to your Dropbox folder. Otherwise, the file isn't actually moved. Instead, an alias is created. You need to move the family file into the Dropbox folder, not create an alias to the file.

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