"Unexpectedly quit" or "crash log" messages.

Things to try...

  1. Delete the Reunion Preferences folder. Follow these steps...
    1. Quit Reunion.
    2. Locate the Reunion Preferences folder. It's here:
      Home/Library/Preferences/Reunion Preferences. Note: if you're using Mac OS 10.7 or newer, in the Finder, you need to hold down the Option key and choose Go > Library.
    3. Drag the Reunion Preferences folder to the Trash in the Dock.
    4. Empty the trash.
    5. Double-click the Reunion 9 application in your Applications folder and see if the problem persists.

What to send us...

If a crash occurs, it may be helpful for us to see the the crash log and console messages. We would also like to know what you were doing in Reunion just prior to this happening.

Again, be sure to let us know what you were doing just prior to the crash/unexpected quit, and whether or not the problem is repeatable.