How do I make a book?

Many Reunion users have created books of their family information. We've got stacks of them here -- books that users have sent to us as a "thank you." The books vary greatly in content, size, and style, because Reunion offers so much flexibility.

For example, some users create a Register Report or Family History report, which opens automatically in their word processor, and then, if desired, edit the report using the tools and features of their page layout or word processing software.

Reunion has always leaned more toward the "let's give the user lots of flexibility" approach, rather than the "click a button and you get a canned, non-editable report with very few options" approach. That's why our Register Report, for example, goes automatically to your word processor, rather than directly to the printer with no opportunity to edit or enhance the report. Our approach takes a little more elbow grease, but the results are more satisfying because you can combine different elements (text, images, graphic charts) however you like, and take advantage of features in other software that specializes in print publishing.

Some prefer to print a series of person sheets or family group sheets as the basis for their book. As with Reunion's other reports and charts, these reports can be customized to include as much or as little information as you want to include. The narrative Register report and the Family History report tie everybody together in the report in a particular sequence, with special numbering.

More info about these reports appears in the Manual. We suggest you experiment with smaller reports; there are numerous options in the "Layout" for each.

We've seen many examples of published books from Reunion users where both text reports (Register and Family History reports) and graphic charts (cascading pedigrees and/or small descendant charts) are combined together. There's no way to push one button and make this all happen at once -- there is no "make a book" command -- however there are many, many possibilities.

For more suggestions and ideas about creating books, you may want to search on ReunionTalk. This topic has been discussed in the past. You're also welcome to post a new question if you'd like. Please note that you'll need to register for a ReunionTalk account before posting (if you haven't done so already).