Some common questions asked by Reunion 10 users...

I installed High Sierra. Now I can't open my family file. Click here.

Is Reunion 10 compatible with El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave?

My device tells me that Reunion for iPhone/iPad "will not work with future versions of iOS." I'm still using Reunion 10. Are the older mobile apps still available? As of June 15, 2017, Reunion for iPad and Reunion for iPhone are no longer available. We encourage you to upgrade to Reunion 13 and ReunionTouch.

I downloaded Reunion 10, but I lost my license code and I'm in the demo mode.

I bought Reunion 10 on CD but now I'm in demo mode and it's asking for a license code.

Does Reunion 10 work with Apple's new Photos app?

Why can't I drag-and-drop an image from Apple's new Photos app into Reunion 10?

Why won't reports appear in the most recent version of Pages (version 5.0)?

Does Reunion 10 support iCloud? Can I use iCloud to sync/save my family files?

Can I add my own sites to the Web Searching feature in Reunion 10? Yes, if you're technically inclined. Click here for documentation.

What do I do if there's a message saying "unexpectedly quit" or "crash log?"

How do I upgrade a family file to Reunion 10 from an older version of Reunion?

When installing/updating Reunion 10, I receive an error that I do not have sufficient privileges, or must be an Admin user.

Can I use Reunion 10 on more than one Macintosh? I own a desktop Mac and a laptop.

How do I make a backup copy (or burn a backup copy) of the Reunion 10 application file on a CD? How do I make a backup copy of my family file onto a CD?

How do I install a Reunion 10 maintenance update?

When installing a maintenance update, I receive a message stating I do not have sufficient privileges.

Reunion 10 won't recognize my older family files.

After upgrading, can I trash my older version of Reunion?

How do I delete report/chart/family files?

I formerly used Generations for Windows and I want to get Reunion 10 for Mac.

How do I move data from Family Tree Maker to Reunion 10?

How do I move data from PAF (Personal Ancestral File) to Reunion 10?

How do I transfer family files from one Mac to another?

I installed Reunion 10. How do I get started?

How do I share information with people who don't have Reunion 10?

How do I display a picture directly in the family view?

How do I record name changes in Reunion 10?