What Happened to Reunion for Windows?

In July 1997, Reunion for Windows was acquired by another company, Sierra (a publisher of entertainment, productivity, and educational software located in Bellevue, WA).

When this happened, Leister Productions became a Mac-only developer, no longer selling Reunion for Windows, and no longer doing Windows software development. However, Leister Productions continued to own, develop, and publish Reunion for Mac.

Eventually, Sierra renamed "Reunion for Windows" to "Generations for Windows."

In June 2002, Generations for Windows was purchased by Genealogy.com, whose parent company was A&E Television Networks. The new owners eventually abandoned the Windows product.

What happened to Reunion for Mac?

Over the ensuing years, Reunion for Mac has received ongoing development, full support, and several major upgrades by Leister Productions Inc. The current version is Reunion 13. More information is here.

If I purchase Reunion for Mac, can I use my old family files created with Generations for Windows?


After you purchase Reunion 13 for Mac, send us a copy of your Generations family file and we'll convert it to a Reunion/Mac family file. The Generations file should have a ".UDS" file extension. If you've already transferred the UDS file to the Mac, select the UDS file in the Finder and choose File > Compress. If the file is still on a Windows/PC, compress/zip the file before sending it. Quit the Generations program before attempting to compress or email the Generations family file.

All data, including sources and citations will be transferred into the Mac family file. The only exception is any unused sources -- they will not be transferred.

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