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Reunion for iPhone Features

Information you can send to the iPhone...

  • Multiple family files can be transferred to the iPhone.
  • All or marked people.
  • Person and family information including names, events, notes, facts, flags, and contact info.
  • Pictures linked to a person: the preferred, the first 5, 10, 15, or all.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Sources.
  • Logs.

Family View Display - similar to the Mac version of Reunion

  • Tap to navigate.
  • Preferred pictures appear for people.
  • Resizable child list.
  • Back, Forward and Home buttons.
  • Tap a husband/wife button to show the Person menu, including spouses, siblings, children, parents (if multiple parents are linked to a person), and other features.
  • A red Heart button indicates that a person has multiple spouses.
  • Customize the fields/field order appearing under names.
  • Customizable gesture shortcuts.


  • Preferred picture display in the Family view.
  • View full-screen pictures.
  • View multiple pictures of a person with swiping gesture.
  • View a slide show for a person.
  • Use your device's camera to take pictures and link them to people in your family file.

Tree View

  • Starts with a source couple, goes up 3 generations and down 2.
  • Pictures appear in boxes.
  • Pinch to zoom in and out.
  • Drag to scroll.
  • Tap a box to change the source couple for the tree.
  • Tap the source couple to open their family record.
  • Back, Home, Forward, and Info buttons.
  • Settings to show/hide relationships and event places in boxes.
  • Email trees (in PDF format).

People List

  • People are sorted by last name, first name, birth date.
  • Searchable on last name, first name, married name, soundex and person id number.
  • Settings to show all, males, females and subsets, such as people with pictures, people with multiple spouses, people with no parents, etc.


  • People are sorted by last name, first name, birth date.
  • People can be added to and removed from the Bookmarks.


  • Search for places and display a list of people whose records include an event with the desired place.

Person Menu

  • Show the spouses, children, siblings, and parents (if there are multiple parents) of a person.
  • Edit a person's information.
  • Edit links (to spouses, children and parents).
  • Find Relatives.
  • Find Treetops.
  • Add to (or Remove) a person from Bookmarks.


  • Similar feature as the Mac version of Reunion.
  • Tap to navigate.


  • Similar feature as the Mac version of Reunion.
  • Tap to navigate.

Sources List

  • View all the sources sorted by source number.
  • Edit existing sources.
  • Add new sources.
  • When citing a source, a handy list of the 12 most recently used sources will appear.


  • View all the logs in the family file.
  • Edit existing logs.
  • Add new logs.


  • Select and order fields for the Family view.
  • Enable display of relationship and event places in the Tree view.
  • Set the format for dates.
  • Customize gesture shortcuts.

Manual Included

  • Drag to scroll.
  • Back, Forward, and Home buttons.


  • Data can be edited and synced back to the family file on the Mac version of Reunion.
  • Add, change, and delete fields (names, addresses, facts, events, notes and flags).
  • Add new children, spouses, and parents.
  • Add unrelated people.
  • Change child status and order.
  • Link to existing children and spouses.
  • Delete people.
  • Remove links.
  • Add new logs and sources.
  • Enter and convert Hebrew dates.


  • Every window in the app supports the device's portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Tap and hold a person's name in any list/view to show more details about a person, without closing the list/view.
  • Tap and hold an event or fact in the Edit Person or Edit Family window to see all of the data for that event.
  • Tap and hold a source in the Sources List to see more of the source text.
  • Tap the relationship field in the Edit Person window to see (and optionally go to) the source person for whom relatives have been identified.
  • Optimized graphics for Retina displays.