Why won't reports appear in the most recent version of Pages?

With the release of the Mavericks OS X in October 2013, Apple made some unfortunate changes in its Pages word processing app (version 5.0). In particular, Apple removed support for opening RTF files in Pages; so it's impossible for us to make Reunion work with the newest version of Pages.

This change may impact you if your favorite word processor is Pages and you routinely create text-based reports in Reunion whose destination is Pages.

Thus we made the following change in Reunion 11.0.3: if you still have the older version of Pages installed (version 4.x), Reunion will automatically open that version when creating reports, instead of the newer incompatible version 5 -- even if you have the newer version 5 selected in Reunion's Report Preferences.

However, if you have a newer Mac that does not have the older (pre-Mavericks) version of Pages installed, then the only option is to use a different word processor with Reunion. The TextEdit app or any word processor that supports RTF files will suffice. Free word processors include: LibreOffice, NeoOffice, OpenOffice, and Bean. Or you could use Microsoft Word. Once you decide which word processor to use with Reunion, be sure to visit Reunion > Preferences > Reports > Word Processor and select your word processor.