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I bought Reunion on a CD and now it says I'm in demo mode and asks for a user name and license code.

Solution - If your Mac has a CD/DVD drive...

  1. Quit Reunion if it is running.
  2. Insert your original Reunion 11 CD.
  3. Double-click the Install Reunion icon.
  4. A window will appear asking "Would you like to authorize this computer?"
  5. Click the Authorize button.
  6. Click Quit.

Solution - If your Mac does NOT have a CD/DVD drive...

Contact us to request an updated license code. Contact information is here.

Explanation: Any one of the following situations can cause "demo mode" and request license information:

  • Reunion 11 was installed on a different Mac. For example, if Reunion 11 was installed on your iMac and then you got a new MacBook and downloaded Reunion 11 to the MacBook.
  • You're using CleanMyMac or MacKeeper which will delete your Reunion license file. See this FAQ for more details.
  • Doing a "clean install" of Yosemite can delete Reunion's license file.
  • Your Mac has different OS X user accounts. For example, if Reunion 11 was installed while logged into Mac OS X with your account, but now your spouse is trying to use Reunion 11 while logged into Mac OS X with her account. In this case you should follow the six steps above while your spouse is logged in with her Mac OS X account.
  • The hard drive was initialized. For example, if your Mac has troubles and your technician erases your hard drive, initializes your preferences, or creates a new, "clean" Mac OS X account.