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What's New in ReunionTouch

ReunionTouch replaces our popular mobile apps "Reunion for iPad" and "Reunion for iPhone" and includes many new features, listed below.

ReunionTouch can be purchased on the iTunes App Store.

Click here to watch a video of the new features in ReunionTouch.

Click here to watch a video showing how to share a family file between your Mac and your mobile devices.

New in ReunionTouch:

  • One universal app that works on all of Apple's mobile devices.
  • Automatic synchronization - changes made on Mac appear on devices and vice versa. No need to manually sync.
  • Zoom-in on pictures using familiar reverse pinching.
  • Pictures linked to families and sources appear on your mobile devices.
  • PDF files linked to people, families, and sources appear in ReunionTouch (page 1 of multiple page PDFs).
  • The list of sources shows the number of pictures linked to each source record.
  • Navigate to the family view from the Thumbnails window.
  • Display and edit styled and colored text in notes, sources, and logs.
  • Superscript source citation numbers appear in notes.
  • Tap and hold your finger on a citation number to display a preview of a cited source in the notes.
  • At least the first line of the first note fields appears in the family view. More appears on larger devices.
  • Ability to change the preferred picture.
  • Ability to edit picture description and comments.
  • Delete pictures from people, families, and sources.
  • Larger pictures appear in the iPhone family view.
  • Share a hi-res PDF of the tree view on the iPhone.

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