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Reunion and the iPad, FAQ

Have you created a product specifically for the iPad?
Yes. We have another product, specifically for the iPad. Learn more.

If I already own Reunion for iPhone, will I have to purchase Reunion for iPad?
If you want to use Reunion for iPad on your iPad, then, yes, you will need to purchase Reunion for iPad. It's a separate product with more features than Reunion for iPhone.

Will the Reunion for iPhone app work on the iPad?
Yes. The Reunion for iPhone app will work on the iPad; however, it will run in "double-pixel" mode using the "2X" button on the iPad. If you've got an iPad, then we strongly recommend purchasing Reunion for iPad, which is a different app and a separate purchase. In other words, owning Reunion for iPhone does not mean that the new product, Reunion for iPad, is free for you.

We prefer to develop different products for different platforms and devices, in order to best take advantage of each platform/device. Thus, we have three distinct products: Reunion for Macintosh, Reunion for iPhone (and iPod Touch), and Reunion for iPad.