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How is Reunion for iPad different from Reunion for iPhone?

Reunion for iPad introduces new features above and beyond our popular iPhone app and takes advantage of the iPad's larger screen. For example...

  • Photos appear for everybody in the family view.
  • Uses an interactive, split-screen: the left (or right) side of the screen is a resizable list or "sidebar" which can show a list of...
    1. People
    3. Relatives
    4. Places.
  • The main part of the screen shows one of three different views...
    1. Family view
    2. Tree view
    3. Ages view.
  • When you tap people in the sidebar, the contents in the main view will change. For example, if you are showing a list of relatives in the sidebar and the Family view on the right, then as you tap people in the Relatives list, the Family view will show the tapped person. It's easy to change the contents in the sidebar list, or the contents in the main view. (See the image below.)
  • Create photo slideshows for groups of people, such as: everybody in a family, all your relatives, everybody with a certain surname, etc.
  • Photos for people and groups of people can be viewed as thumbnail collections.
  • The list of relatives can be filtered. For example, you can show only cousins, or only descendants, or ancestors, etc.
  • The larger Family view, photos, slideshows, etc. can be viewed on your TV via the Apple TV and device mirroring.
  • Photos and slideshows can be viewed on external displays, such as a TV, computer monitor, or projector.
  • The Tree view goes up to 4 generations "backward" in time and 4 generations "forward."
  • The Ages view includes photos of people.
  • Sidebar lists can be emailed.
  • People can be added to the bookmarks with a quick tap of an icon.
  • iPad image