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Reunion Web Tool

The Reunion Web Tool is a companion program to Reunion's Web Family Cards. The main tool is the File Updater, which makes managing your Reunion Web Family Cards a breeze, saving time and bandwidth by allowing you to upload only the files that have changed since you last updated your cards. With the URL Calculator, you can easily find the Web Card, Person Sheet or Family Group Sheet for any person or family by simply entering your website address and the related ID Number.

More specifically, each of these tools has the following features:

File Updater

  • Compares two Web Family Card folders and determines what files are new or have been changed. Files are compared in one of two ways:
    • If it's a text file (i.e. html, css, etc.) it is examined line-by-line for differences (ignoring date stamps)
    • If it is a binary file (i.e. images, movies, etc.) it is compared using its unique signature.
  • A "New Web Files" folder is generated containing the new or changed files.
  • A "Results.txt" file is generated, and placed inside the "New Web Files" folder. It contains:
    • A list of the files that have changed
    • A list of files that can be deleted (files that were in the old folder, but not the new one).
URL Calculator
  • Generates URL's for Web Cards, Person Sheets, and Family Group Sheets
  • Select your format: uppercase, lowercase, .htm, .html
  • Allows copying of the URL to the clipboard, or opening with your default browser.
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or newer
  • Reunion (any version that generates Web Family Cards)

  • Version 1.01
    • Fixed Open in Browser issue for Web Card and Family Group URLs.
    • Last Base URL entered will be remembered between sessions.

You can download Reunion Web Tool from here:

Please send comments, questions or issues to help@leisterpro.com.