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Video Tutorials

Reunion 11 for Macintosh

Top 11 New Features in Reunion 11 Reunion 11 is a major upgrade to our flagship family tree software for the Macintosh. 9:01 min
Installing a Reunion 11 Update If you already have Reunion 11, and need to install a maintenance update. 3:32 min
Installing the Reunion 11 Upgrade Instructions for installing the Reunion 11 upgrade, if you previously had Reunion 10, Reunion 9, etc. 4:10 min
Installing Reunion 11, for New Users Instructions for installing Reunion 11 if you've never used Reunion before. 2:13 min

ReunionTouch for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

New Features in ReunionTouch For people who have Reunion for iPad or Reunion for iPhone and want to learn about the new features in ReunionTouch. 3:45 min
Using Reunion 11 with ReunionTouch Learn how to share your family file between your Macintosh and your mobile devices. 5:06 min

Reunion 10 for Macintosh

The Top 10 New Features in Reunion 10 This video highlights the top ten new features introduced in Reunion 10. 10:03 min
Changes in Reunion 10 A look at some of the most significant changes in Reunion 10. If you have been using an older version of Reunion, this video is for you. 8:28 min