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- Top 20 Reasons to Buy Reunion
  1. Easy to enter your family information. Reunion lets you store every scrap of information: names, dates, places, facts, attributes, plenty of room for notes, free-form text, memos, custom fields, mailing address, marital status, and even research logs.
  2. Creates large graphic tree charts including descendant charts and pedigree charts (up to 99 generations), fan charts, and timeline charts. Provides complete on-screen editing of box color, font, font size, shadow, border, connecting lines, and captions. Move boxes or branches on-screen, by clicking-and-dragging. Automatically change chart orientation; including top-to-bottom, left-to-right, and waterfall models. Zoom out to give you the big picture of the entire chart.

  3. Pictures, movies, and sounds. Digitize your memories (such as color or black & white pictures, birth certificates, wills, maps, old movies, sound recordings, etc.) and link them to people and families. You can link multiple multimedia items to a single record, or one multimedia item to multiple records. Reunion lets you display, magnify, and reduce images on screen. It's easy to include pictures in your charts, reports, and Web output. Include a complete description and comments for each item if you like. Create slideshows with custom transitions, music, timing, image size, caption content, etc. Perfect for family reunions!
  4. iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Take your family with you in a very portable format — on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Make changes, corrections, and updates while you're on the go, and then bring the changes back to your family file on the Mac. (Reunion for iPhone/iPod Touch and Reunion for iPad are sold separately, on the App Store: iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad.)
  5. Web output. Reunion helps you to share your information on the web by automatically building complete web projects. That's right: all the necessary HTML files, image files, graphics, and backgrounds are generated and linked for you. Choose from simple web styles or more elegant designs featuring CSS. Also includes integration with MobileMe and iDisk. Click here for examples.

  6. Graphic forms. Create attractive family group sheets, person sheets, questionnaires, and blank forms. These are great for gathering data from relatives. Reunion lets you automatically print forms for any group of people in your file, for example a questionnaire for all your first cousins.

  7. Book-style reports: the narrative ahnentafel report (the ancestors of a person), Register report (the descendants of a couple), and the family history report are perfect for book publishing.
  8. Easy to find information. Quickly find people by name or perform complex multiple-criteria searches. For example, you could search for "all males born before 1800 in Boston" or "all couples married in Sacramento with adopted children."

  9. Date calculator. You can enter dates as they might be spoken, like a death date as "40 years 3 months 2 days after birth." Also, you can choose from 16 different formats for the display of dates.
  10. Wide variety of custom reports and lists are automatically opened in your word processor and fully formatted with page numbers, page breaks, headers, superscript reference note citations, columns, etc.
  11. Birthday and Anniversary lists and reminders. Have Reunion remind you of upcoming special events in your family. Create easy-to-customize lists of events.
  12. Relationship calculator. Tells you, at a glance, how people are related to you (or anyone in your family file). Creates custom relationship lists. For example, a list of all your removed cousins or a list of all descendants. Tells you the relationship between any two people in your records; also tells you the common ancestor.
  13. Mailing lists. Reunion tracks mailing addresses and even creates mail-merge files when you want to send invitations to an upcoming family reunion.
  14. Import/export. Full GEDCOM import/export lets you transfer data into Reunion without re-typing. You can exchange data with users of other genealogy software (Windows or Macintosh). If you've been collecting information in FileMaker or some other database program, Reunion also features a "text file import, to help you bring the data into Reunion.
  15. Flexibility. Reunion lets you create charts and reports for "subsets" of your family file. For example, you can make a tree chart or export a GEDCOM file for "direct lines only."
  16. Cascading Pedigree Charts. These are a series of graphic pedigree charts, 4- or 5-generations per page, that are cross referenced with continuation numbers.

  17. Speed Names instantly recalls the last 2,000 places and surnames you've entered, helping you avoid typing the same place name or surname over and over.
  18. Shows the weekday for the birth, death, or marriage date, the age at marriage, the current age or life span of a person, and the length of marriage.
  19. Source documentation. Document the sources of your information using "shared" source records. For example, if you wish to cite a source, you only need to record details about the source one time. Information about the source (the library, the book, the microfilm, the date, the quality of the data, even scans or pictures of original documents) can be entered into a single source record, and you can cite this source on any record, in any data entry field, as many times as you want. You have the option to include sources in reports.

  20. Easy to get help. We can help you by phone and e-mail. Reunion also includes an easy to use, comprehensive electronic manual. No matter where you are in Reunion, a Help button appears that will take you instantly to the right spot in the manual. And, don't forget our online community, ReunionTalk.

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