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Upgrade Questions & Answers

How much does the Reunion 8 upgrade cost?

Registered owners of Reunion for Macintosh (any older version) may purchase the upgrade directly from us for $59.95 plus shipping and handling ($5 in the USA or Canada, $10 overseas) and sales tax if you live in Pennsylvania (6%, or $3.90). Here are the totals:

  • If you live in the USA or Canada, the total cost is $64.95
  • If you live in Pennsylvania, the total cost is $68.85
  • If you live overseas, the total cost is $69.95
Note: If your shipping address is outside the USA, the total costs shown above do not include Customs or Excise Duty which may be added by your government on shipments from the USA.

How do you ship the upgrade?

We ship via US Mail. Delivery time overseas is approximately two weeks (perhaps more).

How can I order?

The easiest way is to purchase online, right now, by clicking this button...


If you prefer, you may order by phone, mail, or e-mail. We accept Visa/MasterCard (please include expiration date), money order, or check (in US funds drawn from a US bank) payable to Leister Productions. Contact information appears here.

I never sent in my registration card. Can I still purchase an upgrade from you?

Yes. Along with your payment, you must send your registration card or a dated receipt.

I've never bought Reunion. Where can I buy it new?

You may order directly from us or visit the Where to Buy page and contact a dealer.

Have you notified all registered users about the upgrade?

We attemped to notify all registered users (in our records) via US mail. However, if you haven't received a notice in the mail, and you own Reunion for Macintosh, you may still order the upgrade.

Will my existing data (from Reunion 4, 5, 6, or 7) be compatible?

Yes. Reunion 8 will upgrade your family files. Instructions are included.

I have a very old version of Reunion (earlier than version 4). Will I be able to upgrade?

Yes. However due to significant changes in the data files (Reunion 3 and earlier were based on HyperCard), you must send your data files to us for conversion. There is no need to send any data files if you have an older version of Reunion and you haven't entered any information.

Is a demo version available for version 8?

Yes. Click here to visit the demo download page.

Is Reunion 8 available for Windows?