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Reunion 8 Support

Free Maintenance Update
Version 8.06 for OS X is now available for download. (released 2/7/2005)

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to common questions asked about Reunion 8.

Join ReunionTalk
The free, online community of Reunion users. A place where people discuss Reunion.

New Features
In case you missed some exciting new features in Reunion 8, here's a list.

Perspective Event Sets
Free perspective event sets for Timeline charts, contributed by Reunion users.

Alternate Resource Files
A unique feature for translating and customizing Reunion.

Web Publishing Examples
Visit genealogical web pages created by Reunion users.

About the Manual


Looking for a way to print large charts? Try Heartland Family Graphics.
If you publish web family cards, check out the Reunion Web Tool.
An updated LDS Temples file is available for LDS genealogists.
Information for user groups seeking a Reunion demonstration.