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Common questions asked by Reunion 8 users...

When I edit or add information, it is not saved.

I can't open/upgrade my family file.

How do I transfer family files from one Mac to another?

How do I upgrade a family file from an earlier version of Reunion?

I entered/changed information in my family file, but the changes didn't save.

I installed Reunion 8 but I don't know what to do with it. How do I get started?

I'm trying to install Reunion, but my Mac spits out the installation CD.

My relative uses Windows, is there any Windows genealogy software comparable to Reunion?

I want to share information with a relative, but they can't open my family file.

Will you ever create a version of Reunion for Windows/PCs?

How do I display a picture directly on the family card?

I added pictures on my family cards, but the pictures disappeared. What happened and how do I fix it?

I can't enter some special characters. What's wrong?

I can't install the latest maintenance updates.

How do I create a chart that includes everyone?

Should I put all my information in one family file or should I create multiple family files?

Can I use the same family file in Reunion 8 for Mac OS X and Reunion 8 for Mac OS 8.5-9.2?

How do I marry two people I've already entered separately?

Why are some of the child and parent button names blue?

Can I enter an adopted child with both the adoptive and biological parents?

Some of my ancestors changed their name. How do I enter a name change in Reunion?

Can I send a Gedcom file as an e-mail attachment?

When I am using Reunion and I need help, what do I do?

I need help. What information do you need to know when I contact you?

Reunion crashes as soon as I start it.

Why won't the index sort on the prefix word of a multiple word surname?

What can I do to improve speed and performance?

How do I find people with "None" spouses?

How do I get rid of a "None" spouse?

I want to update my web report. Do I need to recreate the entire web project and upload it again?

I found some people who may be related, but I have no proof. Where should I enter them?

How do I find unlinked branches and unlinked people (no parents, children, or spouses) in my family file?

How do I find couples with no parents or children?

How do I select a different web browser?

How do I create a Person/Family Group Sheet form like I did in Reunion 4?

How do I copy and paste text within Reunion 8?

Why won't my reports open into AppleWorks 6?

Can I assign more than one status to a child button?

Binding Margins, Virtual Plotter, Fractional Widths disappeared in Mac OS 10.4

Find Relationship and the Index.

Custom paper size problems with Mac OS X 10.2

Virtual Plotter clipping.

Problems with AppleWorks not displaying or opening reports correctly.

Problems/conflicts when using Reunion 8 with Mac OS 8.5 - 9.2