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I want to update my web report. Do I need to re-create the entire web project and upload it again?

If your changes are minor, such as adding a birth date or place, and you have an HTML editor like Claris Home Page or BBEdit, you can navigate to the page you need to change, save it to your hard disk, make the changes, and then upload it.

If you've made lots of changes, you can manually update your web project by following these steps...

1. Mark all of the people that you need to update. To quickly find people you've updated, choose Find -> Anything and search for "Changed Date, After, (enter the appropriate date).

Find updated people

2. Create your web report for marked people.

3. Open all of the folders and write down the numbers of each and every file. Throw that report away.

4. Create the web project for all people.

5. Upload only the individual files that you wrote down in step #3.

To automatically update your web folder, you can try the utility, FolderUpdater, which was created by a Reunion user, expressly for updating Reunion's web projects.