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I can't open/upgrade my family file.

It's possible that your family file's Type and Creator codes have been lost. As a result, Reunion 8 doesn't recognize your file as a valid Reunion file. This is a common occurrence with some Macintosh files. It usually happens when a zip disk or USB flash drive is used to transfer files. Since these devices are typically pre-formatted for Windows PCs, some Macintosh files lose their identifying codes. The Windows file system does not support these codes.

A quick way to check this is to look at the family file's icon. If the icon does not look like this...

...then it is likely that the codes have been lost.

In many cases, your file's icon may look something like this...

Here's how to restore the file Type and Creator codes:

Download and install the freeware program MuchoFileInfo...

Make a copy of the Reunion 8 family file. Work on the copy. If you run into any problems, you can always start with a fresh copy. Use the MuchoFileInfo program to open the copy of your Reunion 8 family file. Change the Creator to R~U8 and the Type to R~D8. You may need to click twice in the Type and Creator text fields to edit them. Save your changes and quit the program.

That should let Reunion 8 recognize the Reunion 8 family file and let you open it.

For family files of older versions, use the following codes...

Reunion 7
Creator: R~U7
Type: R~D7

Reunion 6
Creator: R~U6
Type: R~D6

Reunion 5
Creator: R~U5
Type: R~D5

If you continue to experience problems, please contact us.