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I found some people who may be related, but I have no proof. Where should I enter them?

We suggest that you add these people to your family file.

To help you identify these people, create a new flag, such as "Unrelated," for these people.

To create a new flag, choose Options -> Define -> Person Fields and select the Flags tab. Click the Add Flag button, type the new flag's name, and enter the Abbreviation, Narrative Form, and Gedcom Tag.

Define new flag

After you create the flag, enter these people in your existing family file. Choose Edit -> Add Unrelated Person -> Male/Female/Unknown Sex.

Add unrelated person

Once his or her data is entered, click the Flags tab and place a check beside the flag you created.

To create a list of all the unrelated people, choose Find -> Anything and search for "Unrelated Checked, Yes" as shown below...

Search for unrelated people

For more information on creating a new flag, click the Manual button and search for flag.