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I want to share information with a relative, but they can't open my family file.

Reunion family files can only be opened in Reunion. There are, however, several ways you can share your research with others...

For example, there are several reports you can make to share with others. A report created in Rich Text Format (".rtf") can be opened in any standard word processor.

You can also share a chart by saving it as a graphic file (i.e., "PICT," "JPEG," "TIFF," or "PNG"). To do this, create the chart and choose File -> Save Graphic File in the top Reunion menu bar. Additionally, OS X has the ability to save the chart as a PDF file. Choose File -> Print; Save as PDF to do this. PDF files can be opened in Windows as long as a PDF reader program, such as Adobe Acrobat, is installed.

Also, you could create a "Web Family Cards" project (Create -> Web Family Cards). Web Family Cards are a series of linked HTML pages which are similar to Reunion's family card layout. You can then share this web project by uploading it to your personal web space, or you can just burn the project files onto a disc and send them to your family. The pages are viewable in any standard web browser and across platforms.

If you only want to share your Reunion data, you can export a Gedcom file (File -> Import/Export -> Export Gedcom). This Gedcom file can then be imported into another genealogy program.