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How do I get rid of a "None" spouse?

A person with multiple spouses will have a pair of red triangles next to his or her name. This is called the Spouse pop-up menu button.

Spouse button

When clicked, it will show a list of the person's spouses.

Spouse pop-up menu

The word None will appear if one of the spouses has been dragged to the trash or deleted. In the above example, a third husband has been erroneously added to Jacqueline Lee BOUVIER. To correct the mistake, Fred Allan SMITH is dragged to the trash. The Spouse pop-up menu for Jacqueline Lee BOUVIER now appears as follows...

None spouse

This happens because the family record for Jacqueline Lee BOUVIER and the third spouse still exists, allowing you to add/link the correct spouse. However, in some cases, a correct spouse may not exist and you simply want to delete the entire family record.

This can be accomplished in 2 ways:

  1. Select None from the Spouse pop-up menu and drag the Marriage button to the clipboard. (The Marriage button is where the marriage date/place appear. Clicking it opens the Edit Family window.)
  2. Select None from the Spouse pop-up menu, choose File -> Delete People, and click the Delete This Family Record button.

For more details on multiple spouses, click the Manual button and search for multiple spouses. For more details on correcting mistakes, search for mistakes.