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I need help. What information do you need to know when I contact you?

  • Know which version of Reunion you are using. If you're not sure, open a family file and choose File -> Get Info.
  • Know some details about your Macintosh...

    • which Macintosh model you are using ( iMac, Mac mini, etc.)
    • the amount of memory (RAM) in your Mac
    • which version of Mac OS X you are running
    • the amount of hard disk space available (total space & free or used space)
    • the model of your printer
    Again, most of this information is in Reunion's File -> Get Info window.
  • Be prepared to describe the problem in detail. This includes:

    • the exact symptoms of the problem
    • what happened just prior to the problem
    • the exact wording of any screen message during and just prior to the problem
    • whether or not you can repeat the problem.

Help Us to Help You

The single most important thing to do when contacting us for support is to explain the problem accurately. Please be careful about the terms you use to describe the problem. Misuse of words like file, folder, application, dialog, and window are the most common obstacles to communicating the specifics of a problem. For example, if you say, "I have Reunion open," what do you really mean? Are you in the Finder with a window open showing the contents of a folder? Or is the Reunion application up and running? The more carefully you explain your situation and the steps that led to the trouble, the more quickly we can help resolve the problem.