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How do I create a Person/Family Group Sheet "form" like I did in Reunion 4?

Like Reunion 4, Reunion 8 creates two different types of person sheets and family group sheets. The first type is a form which is graphic in nature and is sent directly to the printer. The second type is a report which is formatted text and is opened in your word processor.

The difference in Reunion 8 is that there are no longer two separate menu commands in the Create menu. Instead, the selected Destination determines whether the form or the report is created.

For example, when you choose Create -> Family Group Sheet, a Family Group Sheet window will appear. This window (like all other report windows) contains a Destination pop-up menu. If you want to create the report version, you must select either your word processor or RTF File. If you want to create the form version, you must select either Printer or Print Preview.

For more help, click the Manual button and search for destination.