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How do I find unlinked branches in my family file?

There may be people or entire branches in your family file that have no links to the "main branch" of your family. You may have entered this information because, at one time, you suspected that they were related and would at sometime become part of your family data. Or, they may simply be people that you forgot to delete or became "unlinked" as a result of deletions.

You can quickly mark or unmark the people in these unlinked branches from the Mark Groups window.

First, navigate to any family card on your main branch -- for example your home card. Choose Find -> Mark Groups and choose the People Linked to... button. To mark only the unlinked people, click the Unmark tab and check Mark Everybody First. Click Unmark and close this window.

Marking unlinked branches

All people on unlinked branches are now marked. You can use the left and right arrow keys to flip through the marked people. If you want to delete a person, drag them to the Clipboard.


For more information on finding unlinked people, click the Manual button and search for unlinked. For more information on creating your own presets, search for presets.