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Why won't my reports open into AppleWorks 6?

AppleWorks 6 not displaying reports correctly - This problem was fixed, by Apple, in AppleWorks 6.0.4.

The initial release of AppleWorks 6 did not import RTF files. Surprisingly, Apple removed that functionality from the upgrade. Specifically, AppleWorks 6 did not install an RTF (Rich Text Format) translator -- previous versions of AppleWorks and ClarisWorks did.

When Reunion creates a report it saves an RTF file to your hard disk and attempts to open it in your word processor. Since AppleWorks 6 did not have an RTF translator, it would open the report as a plain TEXT file, thus improperly displaying the report.

To correct this problem, we used to suggest downloading the AppleWorks 6.0.4 update. The 6.0.4 update adds RTF translation. However, we now suggest downloading the AppleWorks 6.2.9 update.

AppleWorks 6.2 reports not opening - This problem was fixed, by Apple, in AppleWorks 6.2.4.

AppleWorks 6.2 has a defective RTF translator. This RTF translator will not open most of Reunion's reports.

As you know, Reunion creates textual reports by saving them to your hard disk as RTF files and then sending an AppleScript to open the report in your word processor. AppleWorks 6.2 begins to convert Reunion's RTF report file but never finishes (a spinning cursor appears and the report never opens). You'll have to press Command-Option-esc to "force quit" AppleWorks.

To correct this problem, you should download the AppleWorks 6.2.4 or later update. The 6.2.4 update fixes the defective RTF translator.