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Source List

Sorting the Sources

The source list can be sorted by clicking on the heading in each column (#(Number), Type, or Data). Click the heading twice to change the sort order to descending, rather than ascending. The little triangle in the column heading, pointing up or down, tells you the direction of the sort.

Sorting your sources by type lets you group like kinds of sources together, making it easier to find a source record when you're attempting to cite something.

The Source Tools Pop-Up Menu

One of the features in the new Source Tools pop-up menu is the ability to search for unused (or unlinked) source records. A list of unused sources will be shown, along with a button to delete all unused sources.

Another new feature is the ability to create a source usage report: a list of the sources used in your family file -- sources that are cited. This report, which is opened directly in your word processor, or saved as a text file, includes a list of sources used in your family file (great for finding out which sources are not used) and a list of person and family records that cite the source records.