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LDS Temples Update

Updated "LDS Temples" File

  • What is the LDS Temples file?
    The "LDS Temples" file contains the list of temples and temple codes which Reunion 8 uses for the purpose of working with LDS ordinance data. If your genealogy work does not involve LDS ordinance data, you do not need to update this file. From time to time new temples are built, and the list of temples changes. The download available here contains the current list of temples, as of June 18, 2004.
  • Before downloading the file...
    Please make sure that you're using Reunion version 8. This file is inapplicable to earlier versions of Reunion.
  • Download the updated file...
    Download the Updated "LDS Temples" File for Reunion 8
  • After downloading...
    1. Decompress (or "unstuff") the compressed file after it downloads.
    2. Make sure Reunion 8 isn't running.
    3. Copy the decompressed "LDS Temples" file into the "Graphics" folder in the "Reunion 8" folder on your Mac, replacing the original "LDS Temples" file.
    4. Open Reunion 8 and it will be using the updated list of LDS temples.
  • If you have problems downloading (such as a partial download or if you get an error about a corrupted file), you should delete the incomplete download and try again. If you have another web browser, or another version of your web browser, you could try that. Some people report success with IE 5.1 and failure with IE 4.5. Sometimes, just quitting and restarting the browser will help.