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Alternate Resource Files

Reunion 8 supports Alternate Resource Files. Some may call these plug-ins. This technology lets you make adjustments to some Reunion features without actually altering the application. When an Alternate Resource File is located inside your Reunion folder, Reunion will use whatever resources it finds inside this external resource file instead of the resources in its own application file. Resources are items such as dialog box windows (DLOG or dlog), text strings used in windows and alerts (STR#), and menus (MENU).

Please note...

Alternate Resource Files only change the Reunion interface (e.g., top menu bar, tool bar, button labels, etc.). The inner workings of the Reunion application file are not affected.

Since the translations are created by interested customers, we cannot verify the accuracy or quality of their work.

Why would someone want to use an Alternate Resource File?

Why modify an external resource file rather than the application?

  • Changes can be turned on and off by dragging the Alternate Resource File in and out of the Reunion folder.
  • Maintenance updates to Reunion will not overwrite these customizations.
  • Alternate Resource Files are very small because they only contain the resources that are different.
  • It's easy to share these files. If one person translates Reunion for a particular language, others can benefit.

How to create alternate resource files...

  • Download the Alternate Resource Package shown below.
  • Open Reunion and the resource file in a resource editor like Apple's ResEdit.
  • Copy only the resources that are to be changed, from the application to the Alternate Resource File. Only copy the resources that are to be changed.

  • Make the desired changes to the resources that have been copied to the Alternate Resource File. Do not make changes to the application files.
  • Save the changes to the Alternate Resource File and close the resource editor.
  • The Alternate Resource File must be located inside the Reunion 8 folder with the Reunion application, or it will not be loaded.

  • Reunion will only load one Alternate Resource File. When an Alternate Resource File has been loaded, the application will not attempt to load another.
  • Reunion 8 comes in 2 flavors, Classic and OS X.You should create a unique Alternate Resource Files for each version.
  • The OS X version of Reunion 8 requires some special tools and steps to create the 'dlog' resource. Those steps are documented in the Alternate Resource Package.

Download the Alternate Resource Package (128K)