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Maintenance Update Release Notes

This page contains a list of fixes and changes in recent maintenance updates to Reunion 11:

Reunion 11.0.12

  • High Sierra - fixed a problem where the names of children wouldn't appear when the family view was showing children in a list.
  • Book - marriage places will be properly included in the Place Index.
  • Multimedia - fixed a problem that could sometimes cause a crash when modifying the Memo field.
  • URLs can now be dragged from Firefox or Chrome to create a new source record.
  • Fixed a minor problem when syncing the marriage memo field to ReunionTouch.
  • Fixed a rare problem where citations occasionally couldn't be deleted.
  • Fixed some cosmetic issues with reporting.

Reunion 11.0.11

  • Sierra, full screen mode - fixed a crash that could occur in these windows: Multimedia, Thumbnails, List, and Logs.
  • Sierra, family view - fixed a cosmetic problem where double last names or double suffix titles could appear.
  • Sierra, interface - fixed occasional instances of difficulty double-clicking.
  • Added option to automatically check for app updates. This appears when choosing Help > Check for Updates.
  • Charts - fixed a problem where saving certain charts with the “Compact Pictures” option enabled could result in larger chart files.
  • Sources - when a source is deleted, it is removed from the Automatic Source, Recent Automatic Source List, and Recent Source lists.
  • Sources - fixed a problem where the Preview of a source wasn't updated after merging two sources.
  • Register report - a comma will appear after an appended relationship for a spouse if there are no parents for the spouse.
  • Register report - in Define Layouts > Miscellaneous, the “Include last names for children” option wasn't working correctly when "If Different from Father's" was selected.
  • Ancestor report - in Define Layouts > Person Fields, removed the “Apply to Spouse Fields” button as it does not impact this report.
  • Color pop-up menu - fixed a problem where a click with a small drag while the mouse is down would cause the color menu to go away.
  • Reports, Charts, and Tree View - improved the logic for including a delimiter after field abbreviations.
  • Book - improved the behavior of the default content font.
  • Book - the setting of the “Alternate left and right margins” button is now saved in the Book Project default settings.
  • Lists - fixed a problem with horizontal scrolling in some lists.
  • Report preferences - the contents of the Dividing line and Signature can be saved as empty.
  • Multimedia - fixed a problem where dragging a multimedia item to a child button would create a new image file rather than a duplicate media item referencing the same original image file.
  • Multimedia sidebar - adding or removing a spouse to the current family view will properly update the subtitles in the Multimedia sidebar.
  • Family View Preferences > Couples - “Include title” button for “User ID” (see Under the Couple Buttons) now works properly.
  • Find > Find relationship between two people - the “Create Chart” button will not appear when a chart can't be created.
  • Web Project - fixed a problem where a person in the Tree View of a web project would be linked to a nonexistent web card.
  • Track pads - fixed a clicking latency issue with the track pad.
  • GEDCOM Import - the place usage for marriage events has been fixed.
  • Delete Marked/Unmarked People - when deleting people using the Delete Marked/Unmarked People feature, the Last Name list will be rebuilt properly.
  • Deleting People - fixed a memory problem that might cause a crash when deleting a person from the Clipboard.
  • Ages sidebar - fixed an issue where the number of days in the Ages sidebar would be incorrect in rare situations.
  • Minor changes to resources noted here for localizers.

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