What causes a delay when entering new information?

If you upgraded to Reunion 11 and notice a pause of several seconds when adding information, it's most likely caused by a new feature in Reunion 11 that calculates and identifies relationships "on the fly."

As you add, delete, link, or unlink people in your family file, their relationship to the current source person, if any, is automatically calculated "on the fly." However, if your family file is very large and data entry seems sluggish, then you can disable this feature. To do this...

  1. In the Sidebar list, click Relatives.
  2. Click the Change button at the top of the Relatives sidebar on the right.
  3. Uncheck the button Identify relationships "on the fly."

The only drawback of disabling this new feature is that you'll need to manually re-calculate/identify relationships after you add/delete/link/or unlink a batch of people. There are a few ways to do this. The easiest is to Control-click any person button and select Find Relatives.

For more details, choose Help > Contents and search for "relatives" in the manual.