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Getting images from Ancestry.com into Reunion via GEDCOM

GEDCOM files from Ancestry.com don't actually contain any media files. They simply include the URL or web address of the image on Ancestry.com's web servers.

Reunion 11.0.8 or newer will import those web addresses while importing a GEDCOM file, and the web addresses will be "clickable" -- so you can click the link in Reunion (in the Media window, or Source window, for example) and open the corresponding web page and/or image on Ancestry.com.

However, if you prefer to get the actual image files on your Mac and then have Reunion use the actual images files, there is a workaround: it requires using Family Tree Maker v3 for Mac as a "middle-man." Follow these steps:

  1. Have your tree on Ancestry synced to Family Tree Maker on your Mac.
  2. Make sure all the media is synced between the two: Ancestry.com and your Family Tree Maker tree.
  3. Export a GEDCOM file from Family Tree Maker. The GEDCOM file will contain the links to copies of the media files on your Mac, and then Reunion will be able to "see" and link to the media files. this is necessary for the images to appear in reports, in the family view, etc.