How do I burn a backup copy of the Reunion app or my family file onto a CD?

To burn a copy of the Reunion app or your family file onto a CD (for backup purposes), follow these instructions...

  1. Quit Reunion if it is running.
  2. Insert a blank CD. If a window appears, choose Open Finder from the Action pop-up menu.
  3. To backup the Reunion 11 application file, drag the Reunion 11 icon (located inside your Applications folder) to the CD icon (located on your desktop).

    To backup your family file, locate the family file (it's probably located here: Home/Documents/Reunion Files) and drag the family file to the CD icon on your desktop.
  4. Single-click the CD icon to select it.
  5. Choose File > Burn.
  6. Eject the CD when it's finished by dragging the CD icon to the trash on the Dock.
  7. Label the CD with a soft-tip pen.