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Update Release Notes

This page contains a list of fixes and changes in Reunion maintenance updates version 10.0.5, 10.0.4, 10.0.3, 10.0.2 and 10.0.1

Reunion 10.0.5

  • Contact information is now synced to the latest version of Reunion for iPhone (version 2.0, available on January 28 2013).
  • Reunion 10 will import/export all contact information from/to GEDCOM files.
  • File -> Save a Backup Copy now saves the Find Presets.
  • Reunion 10 will properly import contact information from GEDCOM files created by Reunion 9.
  • Fixed a problem where the sorting options for people were appearing for couples.
  • Fixed a long delay when using large family files and creating a source usage list, merging sources, or deleting a source.
  • Finding the usage of a source works properly in the List Sources window.
  • Clicking on the User ID in the Family view now selects the correct field in the Edit Person window.
  • Fixed the family sorting options in new and upgraded family files.
  • Corrected the "Generation X Kids" Find Preset for new family files.
  • Improved foreign language support when geotagging.
  • Fixed the option to "Mark Parents of Spouses" in Mark Groups.
  • Fixed a crash when closing the Edit Person and Edit Family windows.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when using the color panel with the Edit Source window.
  • Fixed a problem where incorrect information was showing in tooltips when hovering over items in the Person -> Siblings submenu.
  • Fixed a problem in the Register report where duplicate birth and death events would sometimes be reported for children.
  • Fixed a problem in the Contacts window where changes made in multiple sections would not be saved properly.
  • Fixed a problem with saving changes in the Edit Person or Edit Family panels when people were clicked in the sidebar which resulted in the Edit Family panel changing to Edit Person or vice versa.
  • Fixed a problem with place names when exported to a TEXT file.
  • Fixed a rare problem when creating web projects where the two marking options under "Who" would be incorrectly disabled.
  • Fixed a rare problem where newly added note fields would not be saved.

Reunion 10.0.4

  • Fixed picture display issues with the MacBook Pro Retina display.
  • Improved the behavior of the Back and Forward buttons in the family view.
  • Fixed a problem where adding a new person would sometimes result in an erroneous date feasibility message.
  • Fixed the date feasibility checker to account for date modifiers like "before" and "after."
  • Fixed a rare problem where the number of siblings reported in a person button was incorrect.
  • Ages appearing in person buttons will honor the "living age" preference setting.
  • The Web Searching feature will open in the user's selected browser in Web Preferences.
  • Fixed a problem where the place name in the tooltip of a person button was incorrect.
  • Listing of checked flags in the family view, in reports, and in charts is now alphabetical.
  • Fixed a problem with searching a source list for words containing diacritical marks.
  • Fixed a bug when searching for alphanumeric items in the sources.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Edit Person > Names panel.
  • Fixed a problem where the selected person in the List window would sometimes become unselected when clicking back to that window.
  • Fixed a problem where inter-family marriages would cause spouses of relatives to be mislabeled.
  • Fixed a problem when finding relatives where spouses of relatives were being incorrectly labeled.
  • Fixed a problem where invalid relationship labels appeared on the iPhone version of Reunion when the family file was uploaded from PPC Macs.
  • Fixed a problem with place name Autocomplete in the Edit Family > Marriage panel.
  • Improved the ordering of places when mapping places for a person.
  • Fixed a problem where characters with diacritical marks would not appear correctly when mapping places for a person.
  • Ages sidebar will now show the marriage place instead of the marriage memo.
  • Fixed a problem where some contact fields could not be exported when sharing the contacts.
  • Saving a backup copy of a family file no longer drops some web and report preferences from the backup copy.
  • Fixed a problem typing single and double quotes into the media comments field.
  • Limited the resizing of the Multimedia sidebar sections so sections would not become too small.
  • Fixed a problem where multimedia files for sources were not getting added to sources in web projects.
  • Fixed a problem when importing GEDCOM files with cross-referenced media items.
  • Fixed a problem where text added to a new empty note field would not be saved.
  • Added a confirming message to the Change > Set General Sources panel.
  • Fixed a problem where merging people would cause an extra family record with a "None" spouse for certain people.
  • Fixed a problem where certain changes made in the Edit Person panel would not update in lists.
  • Column settings in the Calendar List will be remembered.
  • Added tooltips to the icons at the bottom of the LDS Ordinances window.
  • Temple Codes will now display in the Place column of the People List.
  • Corrected items in the List window's Help menu.
  • Find and Replace of first and last names will update the People list properly.
  • Fixed the behavior of the Delete button in Edit Person > Events/Facts so that default fields can't be deleted.
  • Column sizes in the Edit Family > Children list will be remembered.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when copying an event or fact to the clipboard immediately after adding a citation.
  • Fixed a rare crash that would occur when closing the Edit Contact sheet.
  • Fixed a problem when trying to quit Reunion with Ages showing in the sidebar.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Find relationship between two people" feature where a chart couldn't be generated for direct-line ancestors or descendants.
  • Fixed a problem where changing a person's name in the List window would cause the person to disappear from the list.
  • Several changes to resources for localization.

Reunion 10.0.3

Major expansion of Reunion 10's "Search the Web" feature...

  • 47 sites are now included.
  • Pop-up access to: favorites, groups, "all sites," and individual sites within each group.
  • Web searching preferences includes...
    • Ability to create custom groups of searches via drag and drop.
    • Ability to reorder sites in each group, including your favorites.
    • Brief information about each site.
    • A button to visit each site's home page for further exploration.
    • The ability to exclude any site from the master "All Sites" menu (so you won't see sites irrelevant to your particular research.)
    • The ability to update your sites. You can click one button and gather all new and updated search sites from our server.

Other fixes and changes...

  • Scrolling is supported in the Add Source window when adding a new source and the number of existing source types is very large.
  • Increased the maximum length of the Narrative Form "Verb" field for family events and marriage fields to 80 characters.
  • Increased the number of columns in the List window to 12 (effectively, 11 plus the marking column).
  • Improved compatibility with the Firefox browser when dragging/dropping images from Firefox web pages into person buttons, the Media window, and the Multimedia sidebar in Reunion.
  • A larger application icon has been created for better appearance in the Finder's Cover Flow view.
  • Place reports that include usage will also include the place note field.
  • The Source window > Preview will better reflect the way endnotes will be reported by omitting the list of linked multimedia items if the "Include Multimedia File List" button is not checked in Reunion Preferences -> Reports -> Sources.
  • Pressing Command and + (plus sign) on the numeric keypad will properly invoke the keyboard shortcut to increase the font size in the family view.
  • In the Contact Info window, the Add Contact button has been renamed to Add Field.
  • The LDS Ordinances window has been reinstated (from R9). Choose File -> LDS -> LDS Ordinances. The "Export TempleReady" button has been omitted -- it no longer is relevant.
  • The "List - Places" window will now remember the size of its three sections.
  • Corrected spelling errors in perspective events files.
  • Fixed a rare problem with blank maps appearing when attempting to map a place.
  • Fixed a problem where the size of text specified for citations in fields under the source couple wasn't being applied. This is set in Preferences > Family View > Miscellaneous.
  • Fixed a problem with place names exported via the File -> Export -> TEXT feature.
  • Fixed a problem in Edit Family > Events, where double-clicking on an Event wasn't showing the Edit Event sheet.
  • Fixed cosmetic problems when displaying feasibility inside child buttons.
  • Fixed a problem where the Date Feasibility warning message and the Edit Event window would overlap and get stuck.
  • Fixed a problem with the List window involving dragging certain columns and thus confusing the display of relationships in list columns.
  • Fixed a problem where place usage wasn't properly updated after the copying and pasting of place entries.
  • Fixed a problem with the relationship calculations: If the G Grandmother married the GG uncle as a second spouse, the relationship was being displayed as Step-G Grandfather rather than GG Uncle. Reunion will always favor the blood relationship over the non-blood relationship.
  • Fixed a problem when deleting or pasting events in the Edit Person panel involving the subsequent place usage list being "off by one."
  • Fixed a "stuck" problem relating to network access and the safety check that Reunion performs to see if the family file is already open.
  • Fixed a problem with the caching of files that could result in incorrect search results when using the search box in the People sidebar.
  • Fixed a problem where the family view was not properly refreshed after removing a child in the Edit Family > Children panel.
  • Fixed a problem affecting case-sensitive web servers relating to the tree chart arrow buttons not appearing. This would occur when the "UPPERCASE" button was selected in Preferences > Web > Reports > Files.
  • Fixed two issues relating to text entered into the search fields of the Find panel. In some cases, the text would not get properly saved when clicking the + button to create a new preset. In some cases text entered into the search fields would not be remembered if it was changed and the Find panel was closed without performing the search.
  • Fixed crashes in the following areas...
    • With multiple family files open while accessing the Edit Event sheet.
    • With multiple family files open while accessing the Places sidebar/list with usage.
    • With multiple family files open and, in some circumstances, closing one of them.
    • When using the Edit Event window with the Autocomplete list.
    • When adding new people with an invalid automatic source number.
    • When deleting all citations to a source while the source usage Results list was visible.
    • When dragging columns in the children list in the family view.
    • With Multimedia Usage reports.
    • When creating very large web projects (25,000 or more people) with trees included.
    • In Edit Family > Children.
  • Several additions and improvements to the manual.
  • Several changes to resources for localization.

Reunion 10.0.2

Places feature addition...
In the Geo Code Place window, you can now move the pin point to an exact location (for example, a home, farm, cemetery, etc.) and retrieve the geo coordinates of the exact location of the moved pin point.

"Find relationship between two people" feature improvements...

  1. Multiple blood relationships will be reported if they exist.
  2. Blood relationships will take precedence over spouse relationship.
  3. By default, the husband and wife in the current family view will appear as Person 1 and Person 2 for this feature.

Search the Web feature improvements...

  • Moved the item "Search Favorites" to the top of the pop-up menu.
  • Added the following resources...
    • Ancestry.com.au
    • Ancestry.ca
    • FindMyPast.co.uk - contributed by Reunion user Keith Bage
    • GuildOfOneNameStudies.plist - contributed by Reunion user Keith Bage

Other fixes and changes...

  • In the Find panel, restored the Edit menu and Command-V (Paste) shortcuts while editing text in fields of the Find panel.
  • Restored arrow key behavior in the family view such that pressing left and right arrows moves to the previous and next marked person (when the cursor is not in a sidebar search box).
  • When "found lists" are saved, their columns, field setup, and sorting configuration are saved with them.
  • Multimedia items stored in the Users/Shared folder will be found/linked.
  • Fixed a problem where the Last Name UPPERCASE and Initial Caps button were ignored when pressing Done or Escape while the cursor was active in a freshly edited field. This problem was introduced in 10.0.1.
  • Removed the Command-key text in item #1 of the Marking Shortcuts window. This cosmetic problem was introduced in 10.0.1.
  • Fixed problems with the Edit -> Undo menu item, mainly in Edit Person > Notes. Also fixed a crash involving Undo in rare situations.
  • Fixed a problem with the List - People window, where Person ID numbers would drift if one of the columns was "Relationship" and the relationship of somebody was "Spouse of [uncle, aunt, etc}"
  • Fixed a problem with the Reunion -> Quit menu commands whenever a Source window was frontmost.
  • Fixed a crash with Mac OS X 10.5 when quitting in certain circumstances with the Source, Multimedia, Manual, or List window frontmost.
  • Fixed the Preview section of the Source window to properly reflect the setting in Free-Form Text > Exclude From Endnotes button.
  • Fixed a problem in the Obituary report where Grandchildren with death dates and no birth dates were reported as living.
  • Fixed a crash when the Autocomplete list was visible, only one suggestion was in the list, and the Cancel/Change buttons were clicked.
  • Fixed a crash when the Media window was open and thumbnails in multiple person buttons were double-clicked.
  • Changes to General Preferences > "Font for lists and data entry" are now properly applied to all logs and new logs.
  • Fixed a problem when "Flatten web output" was selected for Web Projects, where the arrow images were not linked properly.
  • Fixed problems with opening and closing of the Color panel in certain situations.
  • Fixed the "Limit to one page" option for Pedigree charts.
  • Fixed a problem editing places in Edit Family > Children.
  • Fixed a problem with the display of place fields immediately after spouses in child buttons.
  • Improved the usage list under the Places sidebar to better handle instances where a single place is used by large numbers of events.
  • Improved handling of web cover page links for Facebook and Twitter url's.
  • Several improvements to performance.
  • Several improvements to the manual.
  • Several changes to resources for localization.

Reunion 10.0.1

Reproducible crashes in the following situations have been fixed...

  • in the Edit Person panel when certain changes were made and then Edit Person was exited via the Done button or Navbar.
  • when quitting with a manual window frontmost in some circumstances.
  • when selecting a citation in the Notes field and then typing text into the Detail field and returning to the family view.
  • with the Edit Contacts sheet open when multiple family files were open.
  • in the "On This Date" report when "None" was selected for silhouettes in the Family View Preferences and the report was generated for a person with no preferred picture.
  • with the Multimedia Usage report when multiple family files were open.
  • with the Import Notes button in Edit Person/Family > Notes.

Other fixes, changes, and improvements...

  • Logs use the font and font size specified in Reunion > Preferences > General > Font for lists and data entry.
  • Places sidebar uses the font and font size specified in Reunion > Preferences > General > Font for lists and data entry.
  • Find presets list uses the font and font size specified in Reunion > Preferences > General > Font for lists and data entry.
  • Fixed incorrect labeling of some relationships in the Relatives sidebar.
  • Fixed a problem where UNNAMED records were created when empty person buttons were double-clicked rather than single-clicked.
  • Improvements to the place database behavior when a geo coded place is used only once in a family file and when a merge takes place while simultaneously changing the spelling of a place.
  • Made several changes which help preclude accidentally deleting selected citations, events, facts, and source fields. Previously, the Delete key would perform this function. Now, Command + Delete must be pressed.
  • Height of the citations section of the Edit Person window is remembered.
  • Width of the Detail field is remembered in Edit Person > Notes.
  • Restored Command key shortcuts (from Reunion 9) when the Sources sidebar is visible (Command E, D, U, and C) and when the List - Sources window is frontmost.
  • The "Exclude from Endnotes" button in the Source window > Free-Form Text section will, when checked, omit contents of the Free-Form Text field from citations in Edit Person and in the Sources sidebar.
  • Changes to flags are properly refreshed in the family view.
  • Changes to certain edits after switching sidebars while in Edit Person are properly refreshed in the family view.
  • Dragging a source from the sidebar to an event or fact under the source couple in the family view will refresh the family view properly.
  • Pressing the Escape key during animation of the family view no longer results in a blank pane.
  • Right side Option key will toggle direction of the Hide/Show Sidebar button.
  • Setting of the Exclude Empty Fields button in Family View Preferences > Parents is remembered between sessions.
  • The pop-up menu button in LDS events now behaves properly.
  • Improvements to the GEDCOM import and export of places and geo codes, including support for the "0 level" place structures.
  • Improvements to the manual search results when common words (like "the") are entered in the search box.
  • Improved the Import Notes function when importing very large text files.

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