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Update Release Notes

This page contains a list of fixes and changes in the Reunion 10.0.6 maintenance update:

Reunion 10.0.6

  • Sources list - fixed a problem when using the ≠ character to find populated fields.
  • Date feasibility - fixed a problem where date feasibility checking was not working when a new parent was added.
  • Reports - fixed a problem when creating reports with notes containing double-chevron characters.
  • Reports - fixed a text styling bug in RTF reports.
  • Register and Ahnentafel reports - fixed a capitalization problem when a date modifier began a sentence.
  • Register report - fixed a problem reporting birth and death, when birth and death dates for children were set to "Narrative" and a child was marked as "private."
  • Register report - fixed a center alignment problem with web output.
  • Register report - fixed an issue where children could have duplicated birth and death information.
  • Register report - put a period after a child's name if it is to be followed by narrative information.
  • Person sheets and family group sheets - notes will be reported in the correct order when the button "Field order is set in Edit Person" is checked.
  • Fixed a problem with the Save a Backup Copy function, where contents of the free-form text field (in source records) marked as "Exclude from Endnotes" was being omitted from the backup copy.
  • Find citation detail - the first radio button will be disabled if no source is selected.
  • Find citation detail - clarified the wording of the 'not found' messages.
  • Find Relationship Between Two People - fixed a rare problem where an incorrect chart would be created for direct line relationships.
  • Find - fixed a problem where searching for more than 1 LDS status would yield incorrect results.
  • Chart boxes - fixed a problem with applying text styles to chart boxes.
  • GEDCOM import - notes can't optionally be excluded from the import.
  • GEDCOM Import - an empty ADDR tag will no longer cause a freeze or crash.
  • Chart titles - fixed a text positioning problem for some chart titles using text sizes over 110.
  • Edit Family -> Marriage - fixed a problem where marriage and divorce events would become invisible in some cases.
  • Multimedia Usage Report - missing items in the list are now updated when they are displayed and found in the sidebar.
  • Media window - fixed a crash when opening the Media window for a person.
  • Obituary Report - LDS Temple codes will be expanded to their full name.
  • Media - added a warning message when attempting to link more than 400 media items to one person or couple.
  • Media - fixed a crash when repairing media locations for files with a huge number of media links.
  • Media - videos too large to display in the media window will no longer be clipped; instead, the display of the video will be scaled down to fit in the window.
  • Quickbar - fixed a problem where some changes to the Quickbar's state wouldn't appear the next time a family file was opened.
  • Results lists - fixed a problem where column settings in the List window would be lost when the result list was displayed in the sidebar.
  • Calendar - corrected a sorting problem when listing items for "All Months."
  • Finding source field usage - now works properly when attempting to delete a source field.
  • List window - fixed some issues with the tabbing order in the list window.
  • Page up and page down keys will now work in the person notes fields regardless of what is in the sidebar.
  • Fixed a problem with the tab order in the Edit Person panel.
  • Fixed a problem that occasionally caused a "Rebuild Last Name List" message to appear when closing the Edit Person panel.
  • Fixed a problem with "UNNAMED" incorrectly appearing for parents in the family view.
  • Fixed a problem where multiple "Close All" menu items would appear in the File menu.
  • Fixed a problem where clicking on a person's note in the family view would occasionally open the wrong note.
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when closing the Edit Person or Edit Family panels.
  • Fixed a crash when closing multiple family files while sources were showing in the sidebar.
  • Preferences - changes to the option "Update lists as you type in search fields" will happen immediately.
  • Web reports - fixed a problem where a URL inside of another URL would generate incomplete links for the report.
  • Users with family files having a huge number of people (or huge person ID numbers) will no longer have long delays opening their family file on Reunion for iPhone 2.0 and newer.
  • A few minor changes to resources for localization.

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