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Is Reunion 10 compatible with El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra?

Reunion 10 was replaced by Reunion 11 in April 2015. Reunion 11 was replaced by Reunion 12 in November 2017.

At this time, we are focused on Reunion 12 and ReunionTouch. Therefore, we do not test Reunion 10 with El Capitan or Sierra. And there are no further maintenance updates planned for Reunion 10.

Although many Reunion 10 users run the newer Mac operating systems with no troubles, there are a few issues (mostly cosmetic) that El Capitan introduced which may appear in Reunion 10 running on El Capitan, Sierra or High Sierra. These include...

  • High Sierra problem: Can’t open your family file. A solution is here.
  • Cosmetic issue: In some lists (for example, the People sidebar) you'll notice a slight displacement of the header of the list.
  • Cosmetic issue: In Reunion > Preferences > General, if you have selected anything but the default font for "Font for lists and data entry," your font selection won't appear in the header of some lists. For example, in the header of the Reminders sidebar, or in Edit Person > Events/Facts.
  • Crash: If you select the Change panel (in the Navbar) while certain sidebars are showing, and then click into another application, Reunion 10 may crash.
  • Crash: If you select the Mark panel (in the Navbar) and then click into another application, Reunion 10 may crash. It may also crash if a progress bar appears during the Marking operation. However, these crashes are not consistently repeatable.

The latest major upgrade of Reunion is version 12, which we recommend for all users. None of the issues mentioned above exist when using Reunion 12. Upgrade details are here.