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I bought Reunion on CD and now it tells me I'm in demo mode and is asking for a user name and license number.


  1. Quit Reunion if it is running.
  2. Insert your original Reunion 10 CD.
  3. Double-click the Install Reunion icon.
  4. A window will appear asking "Would you like to authorize this computer?"
  5. Click the Authorize button.
  6. Click Quit.


Any of these three situations would make the "demo mode" appear and ask for license information:

  1. Reunion 10 was installed on a different Mac. For example, if Reunion 10 was installed on your iMac and then you got a new MacBook and downloaded Reunion 10 to the MacBook.
  2. Your Mac has different OS X user accounts. For example, if Reunion 10 was installed while logged into Mac OS X with your account, but now your spouse is trying to use Reunion 10 while logged into Mac OS X with her account. In this case you should follow the six steps above while your spouse is logged in with her Mac OS X account.
  3. The hard drive was initialized. For example, if your Mac has troubles and your technician erases your hard drive, initializes your preferences, or creates a new, "clean" Mac OS X account.