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Update Release Notes

This page contains a list of fixes and changes in recent updates to Reunion 12.

Reunion 12, build 180613

  • Fixed problems with the Undo feature when editing dates and places.
  • Fixed a problem in the Citations List window where sort settings were not being saved under certain conditions
  • Fixed a probem with the saving of column widths and citations list in the Edit > Family > Marriage panel. This problem was accidentally introduced in a recent build.
  • Fixed a problem where dragging an image into the Multimedia Usage report to correct a missing link would only work the first time.

Reunion 12, build 180522

  • Find Relationships feature: fixed a delay and a few issues introduced in the previous build.
  • Find Relationships feature: when multiple relationships are found for two people, the Copy button will copy all of those relationships to the Clipboard, rather than just the current relationship.
  • Fixed a problem when reporting spouses of ancestors in the Relatives Book.
  • Fixed a problem when duplicating report and chart layouts in the Define Layouts window.
  • Fixed an anomaly when using the Last Folder option for Multimedia files.

Reunion 12, build 180502

  • Fixed a problem with reporting the Sources list/sidebar with a destination of web browser.
  • When creating a new source record and entering source fields, the Sources sidebar/list will be updated immediately when you "click out" of the Source window.
  • Improved the Find Relationships feature when encountering people who are related in multiple ways.
  • Added the ability to Control-click (or right-click) in an empty Source Citations list and choose Paste from the menu that appears. This makes it easier to copy a citation and then paste it into another event, for example, an event that doesn't yet have any citations.
  • Pressing the "esc" key in an empty Edit Person > Events or Edit Family > Events window will close the window.
  • Properly aligned children without death dates in the Family History report when output to a word processor.
  • Edit Family > Marriage will resize the Status list as well as position the pop-up menus to better accommodate different font sizes.
  • Fixed the Help button in the window that appears when selecting "Apply a Temple Date and Code to Marked People..."

Reunion 12, build 180321

  • Added a new color tag feature to automatically assign a color tag to people with multiple spouses. To see this, select Change > Color Tags, click the + button and, from the Who menu, you'll see the new item.
  • Double-chevrons will be ignored when sorting the people list. Thus "«KENNEDY»" and "KENNEDY" will now sort together. If this impacts you, you'll need to open your family file and choose File > Rebuild Cache Files.
  • Fixed a problem where modifying citation detail text and then selecting “Add Event” while the cursor was still in the Detail field would cause the Detail field changes to not be saved.
  • Citations list: when double-clicking a field name in the Field column, you are taken to the Edit Person or Edit Family panel and the family view will be properly refreshed.
  • Fixed a problem when dragging a URL/link containing diacriticals to a note field.
  • Fixed a cosmetic problem with the height of citation text in Edit Family > Marriage.
  • Improved the wording of relationships in Norwegian. (This will only impact users with the Norwegian localization.)

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