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Update Release Notes

This page contains a list of fixes and changes in recent updates to Reunion 12.

Reunion 12, build 180321

  • Added a new color tag feature to automatically assign a color tag to people with multiple spouses. To see this, select Change > Color Tags, click the + button and, from the Who menu, you'll see the new item.
  • Double-chevrons will be ignored when sorting the people list. Thus "«KENNEDY»" and "KENNEDY" will now sort together. If this impacts you, you'll need to open your family file and choose File > Rebuild Cache Files.
  • Fixed a problem where modifying citation detail text and then selecting “Add Event” while the cursor was still in the Detail field would cause the Detail field changes to not be saved.
  • Citations list: when double-clicking a field name in the Field column, you are taken to the Edit Person or Edit Family panel and the family view will be properly refreshed.
  • Fixed a problem when dragging a URL/link containing diacriticals to a note field.
  • Fixed a cosmetic problem with the height of citation text in Edit Family > Marriage.
  • Improved the wording of relationships in Norwegian. (This will only impact users with the Norwegian localization.)

Reunion 12, build 180307

  • In the tree view, pressing the tab key will move the focus between the sidebar and the tree view. When the focus is not in the sidebar, then pressing Command-P and Command-C will work properly (for print and copy, respectively).
  • Fixed a problem importing text into a note field. (This was accidentally introduced in the prior build.)
  • Fixed some problems with saving marked sets, saving results lists, and saving sorting presets. (These were accidentally introduced in the prior build.)
  • Fixed a couple line spacing issues in the Register report.

Reunion 12, build 180226

  • Reunion 12 now runs in 64-bit mode by default. Note that some older Mac technologies no longer work in 64-bit apps. So you may encounter issues with very old pictures/movies (particularly those in QuickDraw PICT format, which has been discontinued by Apple) and music in slideshows. If these issues impact you, Reunion can be run in 32-bit mode instead. Visit the manual and search for the word "bit" for details.
  • In books based on the relative report, the line spacing has been improved and the citations for names and general sources appear properly.
  • Fixed a problem exporting GEDCOM containing note fields with citations separated only by commas.
  • Fixed a problem where the Citations List window wasn't properly showing citations if the Citation Detail field contained a forward slash. This also impacted reports containing Citation Detail with forward slashes.
  • A PDF file, designated as the "preferred" picture for a person, will now be properly included in graphic charts.
  • When using Reunion in 64-bit mode and adding multimedia items via the + button, the sidebar item "Photos" works properly.
  • Fixed a manual sorting problem in the List window using family files with more than 65,000 people.
  • The Reminders sidebar will no longer refresh when a date is changed in the Edit Person window. This change prevents delays when the Reminders sidebar is visible and you're making changes to a very large family file.
  • Fixed a problem when viewing the Field Preferences if you arrived there via the Edit Source window > Field Preferences > Show All Preferences.
  • Fixed a problem with the "Take Picture" button in the Source window when naming and saving the image.
  • Fixed a problem where Logs (under some circumstances) couldn't be deleted.
  • Made a change to prevent a crash when using the Undo feature in the Edit Person/Family windows.
  • Fixed a problem in web reports where the contact info in Contents page was getting double href tags.
  • Fixed a problem when "Flatten web output" was enabled in Preferences > Web > Reports > Files. This problem would cause formatting issues with the menus in web projects.

Key changes in older builds...

  • Added the ability to search source records using "starts with" search method, as well as the "contains" method. The selection of search method for sources appears in the Show menu, at the top of the Sources sidebar and the List Sources window.
  • Improved the appearance and readability of highlighted, colored text in lists and sidebars.
  • Restored the "# of citations" item to the Attributes menu (when selecting fields in the List window).
  • In the drop-down Edit Fact and Edit Event windows, the state of the Initial Caps button will be saved.
  • Improved titling of event memos in Person Sheets and Family Group Sheets in web output
  • Clipboard sidebar - fixed a problem where an unselected link in the Clipboard would not be deleted when using the right-click pop-up menu shortcut to delete links in the Clipboard. Also fixed a problem with column-width spacing.
  • In the fields displayed "under the source couple" buttons in the family view, the proper font will be applied to the date feasibility warning.
  • Fan charts - fixed a problem when saving a "graphic file" or copying the chart to the clipboard. This would result in an image with the right side clipped to the first generation. This only happened when the second generation didn't have ancestors on the right side and if the Group Parents option was checked.
  • Fixed an issue where certain sequences of actions in the Edit Person panel could make the app "beep" and get stuck; or, could result in a crash when quitting the app.
  • Fixed a problem when citing sources, particularly when entering sources by number and/or when using keyboard shortcuts to do so.
  • Improved performance of the Duplicate Check feature in large family files.
  • Find feature: Improved the precision of searches for event dates using the "is" operator.
  • Improved Reports > Last Names so that all events will be considered when determining the "Earliest" and "Latest" dates. Previously only birth and death dates were being evaluated.
  • The correct citation font size (as specified in Preferences > Family View > Miscellaneous) will be applied to citations in the Marriage field in the family view.
  • In web projects, the menu of person sheets now includes an item "Family" which returns to the family card.
  • Fixed a problem relating to importing GEDCOM files containing double-chevron characters in Person/Family notes and/or the Free-Form text fields in Source records.
  • Fixed a problem in ancestor reports affecting the output of the marriage field for people marked as private.
  • Fixed a problem when copying and pasting a field from one source record to another.
  • Fixed a problem in web reports where the new Search feature wouldn't work properly if names of people were completely blank.
  • Made a change that prevents the unnecessary enlargement (and thus pixelation) of very small images in web media pages.
  • In Edit Person > Facts, the state of the Initial Caps button was being ignored.
  • Fixed a problem where event memos with multiple lines separated by return characters would cause the list of events (in Edit Person or Edit Family) to appear with layered letters.

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