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Does Reunion support iCloud? Can I use iCloud to sync/save my family files?

Reunion does not support synchronization or storage using Apple's iCloud.

Reunion uses Dropbox for these purposes. In our experience, Dropbox provides the most reliable, most friendly, and most OS-compatible file-sharing service available.

We are not alone. In January 2016, a panel of Mac experts were questioned about Apple's iCloud (and several other topics). Here is the consensus summary...

  • Overall, the panel seemed to bring a deep distrust of Apple's cloud services based on the company's past track record. ...[Apple] still has a lot to overcome. "Whenever I upload my files into Apple's cloud, I come to regret it," wrote Tonya Engst. Rob Griffiths wrote: "Things are getting a bit better with iCloud Drive, but I still don't trust Apple not to mess up my data." Rene Richie said that iCloud "continues to improve but isn't a core strength." And Rich Mogull said, "When I compare to other cloud providers, Apple still isn't there yet."

The following articles are a little older, but still provide valuable insight...

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