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Reunion 11 Localization - Compiling Your NIB Files

If you would like to compile your .nib files so they can not be opened and edited, follow these instructions...

  • Launch xCode.
  • Choose File > New > Project from xCode's main menu.
  • Select "Application" / "Cocoa Application" - click Next
  • Enter a Product Name, for example "Localized Reunion" - click Next.
  • Save the project to your Desktop.
  • Open the .lproj folder containing all of your localized .nib files and sort the list by file Kind.
  • Select all of the .nib files and drag them into the Supporting Files group in your xCode project.
    Note: do not drag the entire .lproj folder into xCode, you must select the actual .nib files and drag them into your xCode project.

  • Choose Product > Build from xCode's main menubar. This creates an application with all of your .nib files compiled.
  • Locate the new application at the bottom of list on the left side in the Products group. Right-click on the newly built .app and select "Show in Finder"

  • Right-click on the new application in the Finder and select "Show Package Contents."
  • You will find your compiled .nib files in the Resources / Your_Language.lproj folder.