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I consider Reunion to be the best written program I have. It is truly a remarkable program with a good user interface and very efficient in speed and space used... The improvements you've made to Reunion are very worthwhile and useful. Although I've read through the new manual, I tried much of the program without opening the manual...

Although I've been retired for five years, I spent 30 years in the mainframe computer software development field and I think I have some appreciation of your accomplishments. I want to say you've done a brilliant job and certainly deserve a “Very Well Done”.

L. Johnson
Maplewood, MN

Reunion is absolutely phenomenal! The new features are spectacular!

The new creative world that has opened up for family history with the introduction of Reunion, is nothing short of stellar! I personally give it my highest rating of any software I have used for any purpose, to date. Reunion is nothing short of stunning, high quality software and deserves a standing ovation.

Oh how I envy the genealogist researcher (amateur and otherwise) who is intelligent enough to start this extraordinary journey called “family history” with Reunion.

Frank Leister and employees, Bravo!

G. Perry
Boston, MA

As for Reunion, every time I use it I'm reminded just how truly exceptional it is -- and all the power and flexibility it provides... But the one characteristic which earns it my highest accolades is its superior user-friendly nature. With all that power and flexibility, it provides -- even with its default settings and even for a first-time user -- far more needed, useful, and easily used capabilities than any other genealogy software. And when one begins to use the seemingly endless options to fine-tune the database structure and the output products to your own, personal wants, it's just icing on the cake. Never before have I found _any_ software product where, almost without exception, anything and everything I'd like to do is something that I can easily do.

While the list of joys of using Reunion seems, to me, to be endless, a very special nod goes to two points:

  1. How the included charting provides extraordinary ability to tailor the wide variety of charts to include just what each user wants -- rather than their having to settle for what someone else (read “developer”) thinks you might want or should have; and
  2. The unparalleled support by your company as represented, just in part, by the meaningful and timely responses to inputs from users -- whether presented via your on-line forum, ReunionTalk, or by personal contact directly with you. Stellar product; stellar support. Kudos to Leister Productions!

D. Kanter
Lexington, MA

Wow, what a fun weekend! I spent Saturday night reading the manual cover to cover -- very well written. Congratulations to the writer(s)!

This is the genealogy software that I have been waiting for. Allowing so much detail really allows for a wonderful look at the database. I can see doing things that I've wanted to for years, like having a fact (or even an event) for “lived in” and then have a state or a place. Then when I have a book on “Hartford, CT”, all I have to do is a quick search (or even a location listing!) and voila, I can check everyone out. Finally a place to put all the junk that floats around in miscellaneous notes fields. And it's very stable.

J. Cardozo
Corvallis, OR

I have had my upgrade for only 2 days. (I have been a Reunion user since “day one.” )... It is a "WORLD CLASS" upgrade!

B. Bowers
Lexington, MA

Best program on the market, with fantastic support over the years. Leister is a company that listens to its customers and makes the most serious effort of ANY software company I have ever been in contact with to satisfy. Thank you.

I. Sitkin
Rydal, PA

It seems mind boggling just what you have accomplished here, it is so thought out and the details are amazing;!

W. Brown
Philadelphia, PA

It beats the competition in every way! If one uses the computer primarily for genealogy, then the Mac and Reunion is the best way to go! (IMHO) Really like the features in the index, but haven't learned all the other new features yet because I haven't had the upgrade that long.

C. Sinclair
Houston, TX

I'm really impressed with the power in such a small package. Kudos to the all the teams. The manual is a 9 on a scale of 10, I especially like the sense of humor and person-to-person feel. Reunion was definitely worth waiting for!!!!!!

S. Ragan
San Francisco, CA

Just got Reunion, opened it up, and played with it, and I must say... hell of job! What a great product... absolutely untouchable.

Right on!

K. Antill
Pepperell, MA

I just upgraded to Reunion for the Mac, just because I have been an enthusiastic user of Reunion since version 2 or so... You've exceeded my expectations... Yet again, you've managed to improve on perfection and provide a very clear and lucid piece of software that is just packed with powerful features. The web reports are amazing and I think will do more for the sharing of genealogical information than anything I can think of. Now I can give all my relatives their own Ahnentafel reports for Christmas! It's really a great program and you are commended for such fine programming and implementation. It's just a joy to use and I am glad you are sticking with the Macintosh.

T. Hardy
San Francisco, CA

Just installed my upgrade and I am excited! It is so fun. I just wish I had more NEW names and dates to add.

I can hardly wait to see what I can do after having this for awhile. I'm going to get myself a scanner so I can add more pictures -- won't that be great!

If someone wants to know how great Reunion is give them my e-mail address and I will tell them. Thank you so much!

J. Barker
Fresno, CA

I must give you folks a hearty round of applause for the wonderful upgrade to Reunion. You folks blew the competition out of the water.

W. Jacobson
Anaheim, CA

Thank you, I have been waiting for this upgrade and am very excited by it. I have now used Reunion for 6 years, and it has truly changed the life of my family. The best software I've ever found of any kind; keep up the great work.

J. Kreidler
Mill Valley, CA

First let me say that I am EXTREMELY impressed and pleased with Reunion. I just bought it a few days ago and have already imported two of my GEDCOM files and produced relative charts, timeline charts, and web pages.

I can't say enough how impressed I am with the features, flexibility, and just all around professional quality of the programs.

S. Holmes
West Lafayette, IN

Thanks for producing such great software -- I've used many programs and Reunion is clearly one of the most elegant and delightful to use.

P. Kirschbaum
Richmond, VA

Thanks for your work with this program. I am very satisfied -- you have produced the best program I have seen.

M. Landers
Abilene, TX

Your technical support is superb, as is your product. Nothing compares!

J. Everly Williams
Kaneohe, HI

Nice program, great support. ReunionTalk forum is a great plus!

A. Allnutt
Silver Springs, MD

Much better than FTM!

This is an excellent, well executed program. Your documentation is very good. I really like the Relative Chart.

D. Lemons
Cedar Falls, IA

I've got two words to describe Reunion - “It's wonderful”!!!! I picked up my upgrade yesterday afternoon. What I've seen makes me marvel at the genius of your programmers -- it will be a complete pleasure to work with this new software.

Reunion has always been the best genealogy program around but this version puts it in the elite category. Thank you very much. Please pass on my best wishes to everyone involved with the new production.

L. Emberson
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

BRAVO on a beautiful new program. I didn't imagine that Reunion could be any better, you've truly outdone yourself. Thank you!

G. Lucas
Austin, TX

Just got Reunion and I love it. The program is so streamlined, yet powerful -- it's a model for what computer software should be/do.

Thank you very much for making a program that doesn't get in the way of genealogical research, but organizes things so well!

And thanks for doing it on the Mac!

T. Emerick
Princeton, NJ

Am a new user of Reunion and would like to say “thank you” for a truly easy-to-use program for the Mac. I've struggled through other programs and find this one far superior!

Thank you for a superior program and a handy way to get help!!

G. Schnetter
Lutz, FL

It is terrific! Am very pleased with AutoComplete, etc., and the new multimedia features. The program is one of the most user friendly and intuitive programs I've ever used. Congratulations on a super job!

W. Warriner
Wayland, MA

I want to THANK YOU for Reunion. I just got my upgrade yesterday and I am running around singing (to my family's regret). It is wonderful. I LOVE the new index feature. I am THRILLED with the register report format that gives descendants from multiple marriages. I am anxious to get some web pages out so I am very happy to see that feature -- although a little daunted. It is just great; you did a fabulous job. I know once I start using it more, I will have questions galore, but I've already subscribed to your forum [ReunionTalk] for this version. That alone makes Reunion an outstanding product -- is there any other product as helpful? All in all, you rate 5 stars in my book. Thanks again!!!

B. Snow
Ann Arbor, MI

This program couldn't possibly get any better!! Thanks for a great tool for my genealogy.

J. Perry
Oak Harbor, WA

Congratulations! You are to be commended for all of your efforts to make Reunion the best... I'm so confident in you folks... I've enjoyed ReunionTalk... Thank you Leister for Reunion!

J. Capistrant
Alexandria, MN

I love the new version. It's so fast and flexible! Powerful, yet easy to use.

S. Hanna
Bedford, MA

I just bought Reunion for Mac and have to tell you CONGRATULATIONS, because it is a phenomenally well organized and thought out piece of software. It's special features utilize all my audio visual capabilities! My family will appreciate it for many years to come. Thank you Reunion!

D. Pavlos
San Jose, CA

I have upgraded to what is really a gorgeous, sensational program. And it accommodates the 22 generations of my ancestry all the way back to 1289 A.D. without any problem. Programs like yours really are instantly rewarding. Congratulations and keep on the good work!

U. Grueninger

Thanks for a package that is designed to use the Mac interface. Keep up the good work.

F. Rodgers
Austin, TX

I wanted you to know that I have found your program the BEST so far in ease of use and ease of editing. Thanks again. I KNOW that I've barely begun to scratch the surface of this amazing program!

M. Crisci
Niles, IL

I just upgraded... You made a great application even better. One might say, without excessive exaggeration, that Reunion is now a “perfect program.

Great software. Fair price. Can't ask for anything more.

L. Phelps
Pasadena, CA

I also use Reunion and to compare Family Tree Maker support to Reunion support is like comparing night and day. Reunion is prompt and thorough in all responses and they have built a community of satisfied users who communicate with and help each other, as well as getting support from the company. I suspect part of this is because the people who developed Reunion really understand Macintoshes and the Family Tree Maker was just converted from a Windows program to a Mac program, but granting that, attitude and effort are the elements that really make the difference. In my opinion, if Family Tree Maker made the same effort the people at Leister do, you'd see a lot less grumbling on these boards and a lot more discussion of how to make the best use of the software.

D. Taylor
Iowa City, IA

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we enjoy Reunion. I got the app for my husband for Christmas. We both love and have been fighting over the computer since he installed it.

It really tickled us when we read some of your examples in the user's guide and discovered people from Lewistown. My Grandparents are buried at Hillside Cemetery in McAlisterville. It was a kick to read these familiar places in your user's guide.

Great work. We love the program!

M. Kinzer
Lewistown, PA

Reunion is a beautifully designed piece of software. It is a work of genius. Thank you very much.

H. Letchworth
East Aurora, NY

Reunion is a beautiful program -- logical, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

W. Morris
Bellaire, TX

I must say it has been a pleasure to use Reunion -- elegant, easy, and efficient -- and a source of constant surprise to my large family who always wonder how I could find them or relate them to each other.

Dr. S. H. Abu-Sitta
Safat, Kuwait

Thanks to all of you for the excellent service you provide. How much better society would be if all had the same attitude that is exhibited by Leister Productions. My son wants me to get a PC but I keep telling him that I will never change my Mac due to the Reunion program I use.

S. Weise
Milford, MA

A great program with great people in the “backroom” and elsewhere -- thanks a lot again, both to you and the others involved. I'm not used to this kind of service today, but by all means don't stop with it! Also, professionally I get in contact with lots of vendors, and they seldom respond this quickly and with the SOLUTION!! GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!

T. Onshus

I recently upgraded and want to take a moment to let you know what a great job you did. The installation of the upgrade on my system was trouble free. You added many improvements that have increased user friendliness to a higher level and made navigation even easier than before. We have over 1,600 names in our family file, and it's a pleasure to work those names and relationships with Reunion. Keep up the good work.

L. Groshel
Virginia Beach, VA

Thank you so much for your help. You and your company have been very helpful to me. Every time I read an article reviewing genealogy software, Reunion is always ranked at the top for the Mac. However, from personal experience I can say that you are the most courteous and responsive company with whom I have dealt.

B. Davidson
Mt. Juliet, TN

Thanks to all at Leister Productions, Inc. for developing and SUPPORTING such a intuitive product. It has enhanced genealogy for me, and made sharing and pulling (coaxing?) information from otherwise reticent family members a joy.

A. Allnutt
Silver Spring, MD

I had to write to commend you on an absolutely great program. I have been using Reunion for several weeks now, and it has worked perfectly one of the few programs I have ever had that didn't have some poor design features or other glitches... Your user guide is unusually well-written, complete, and comprehensive.

T. Edwards
York, PA

I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed using Reunion for Macintosh. When I called for technical support, the person who answered the call was knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient. My family and I truly appreciate all of your hard work. Thank you so much for providing such an incredible resource.

A. Adams
Houston, TX

Just want to let you guys at Leisterpro know how pleased I am with Reunion. I recently found I was connected to a large family on which a lot of research has been done. Reunion has made it very easy to download GEDCOMs, open them in Reunion, mark the people that are part of my family, then export/import just what I want! Also, I have my web family cards on my website, and I really appreciate the way I can just generate web cards for the new additions, and, with very little work, fit them right in to my web site. Thanks again for making a program easy to use, but sophisticated enough to handle my large, complex family.

J. Pisano
Cliffside Park, NJ

Excellent - it's so intuitive and uses the Mac OS beautifully. The manual is fantastic - VERY WELL WRITTEN.

G. Whyte
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

$100 is a paltry sum compared to what Reunion has done for me in five short months! Best darned investment (besides my hubby) that I have ever made!!

K. Howell
Misawa Air Base, Japan

Simply put, it's the most intuitive, best designed, and probably the most powerful genealogy program on the Mac (in my opinion). It has excellent output capabilities (reports, charts and HTML). And, perhaps most pleasant, it's entire interface is customizable, so can see the information you want when you look at a person's “card”. Finally the tech support at Leister is second-to-none.

D. Joanisse
Sainte-Foy, Quebec, Canada

You will not regret buying REUNION. I have used since it first came on the market. It's designer is a real genealogist and a Mac expert. Their support is the best you will experience. It requires no plugins or added software.

B. Bowers
Lexington, MA

Reunion certainly meets all my needs. The interface is compact and elegant... It doesn't take up much room on your hard drive. Support is excellent. And the developer concentrates on software development, not on selling subscriptions.

C. Hohenstein
South Bend, IN

I have used it for many years and would buy it again. Join their forum [ReunionTalk] and read what other users say about it. Customer support is excellent.... In my opinion, it has Family Tree Maker beaten hollow.

F. Mitchell
Scottsdale, AZ

What can I say, at last something Made For A Mac !!! It runs beautifully and you can extract so much information from it.

H. Adams

Reunion is one of the finest pieces of software I've ever used. Don't know what source language you are using (probably a C variant), but it has to be some of the tightest code in the industry. And that's saying a lot when it seems that software now has to get bigger before it can get better. You guys (and girls?) in the back room who are cranking out the code should be proud.

D. Moore
Virginia Beach, VA

I just purchased Reunion last week and I must say I'm impressed. I found Reunion is the most flexible of all the demos I downloaded. Reunion has proven to to be well worth the money since I imported my data into Reunion.

I am a computer technician and see a lot of software. There are programs that get the job done and others that do the job elegantly. Reunion seems to fall into the latter category. There are so many great features that are built into the software that I am overwhelmed.

I also appreciate the way you offer your technical support services. Not many software producers sound as willing to stand behind their products they way you seem to. That means a lot.

J. Swann
Springfield, TN

We appreciate how nice Leister Productions has been to us. A few months ago, my husband was trying to make a GEDCOM file to send to a relative. He was very frustrated after several attempts to convert it from Mac to PC format failed. A very nice fellow from your company walked him right through it over the phone. It's been a pleasure dealing with a company that has such a pleasant personal touch. Thanks so much.

D. Stebleton
Woolwich, ME

A simply brilliant program. No bugs. No hang ups, and so comprehensive.

J. Hall
Mildura, Australia

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