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Customer Comments

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...While I bought your program based on David Pogue's highly positive review, it in no way prepared me for the great enthusiasm I feel using Reunion.

In short, it's been quite a long time since I've been so impressed by a program as I am by Reunion. Its design, execution, and documentation are exemplary. It has "labor of love written all over it, which is something that I --- and most anyone, I imagine --- can't help but respond to strongly.

Congratulations on the review, and keep up the good work!

Yours truly,

Dan Weissman

Reunion continues to be the best software of any kind that I have ever encountered. It has been the inspiration for many new and renewed relationships within my family.

John Kreidler

Your product is in my estimation one of the best and most professional I have seen.

John Shaneman

...I've been working with Reunion for almost two years and I think it's GREAT!...I believe that Leister Productions is the best software company in the world. Your support is unmatched. Updates are readily available.

Best of all is that Leister Productions shows genuine interest in what Reunion's end-users are thinking.

Doug Stevenson

It was demoed by Jan McClintock at GenTech 97 in Texas. She made your program look to be the best. It's great! Looking forward to version 5.

James Earl

I found when I was in Australia and used Reunion on my sister's computer, that it has more depth than Family Tree Maker which I have been using for some time.

Martin Fahey
New Zealand

Clearly an excellent program all around - interface, options, manual, support - you people know what you're doing!

Steven Haas

For lurkers let me say this, if you're considering a genealogy program for Mac, you'll not find a better one than Reunion!

More than a dozen friends/acquaintances and several relatives have in recent years purchased Reunion for genealogy.

In all these years of using hundreds, probably thousands of programs, I have _never_ had better technical support from _any_ software vendor than Leister Productions. Period.

The really strange thing in this day and age of monolithic Microsofts, Adobes, and Symantecs, is that there is still at least one vendor who always provides prompt and excellent tech support. Leister Productions.

My thanks!

Jerry W. Tompkins

The program I recommend to anyone is Leister Productions' Reunion. It follows the Family Unit metaphor wonderfully, is intuitive, consistent, and is a joy to use. I love it, and have loved it since the day I bought it. It's actually three programs in one. Program #1 is the actual database program. Program #2 is a separate charting program that is equally great, and Program #3 is your favorite word processor! All the standard reports are output in text or RTF format and handed off to your own choice for a word processor - the one you're already familiar with!

Gene Vogt

It is the BEST

Don Ramos

I purchased it after Reading the review from MacUser "Reunion, The Roll Royce of Roots Research" also because of the 30 day money back guarantee, however - I was hooked after 1 day!You can't have it back now!

Carolyn Thomas

I love Reunion for Mac. It is very easy to learn and extremely flexible. The technical support people are always willing to help. Macworld rated it as the best program in two different years for two different versions. It is not the cheapest program, but you get to do alot with it, like attach scanned photos to individuals...there are are lots of other chart types you can create, as well as reports that you can edit in your own favorite word processing program, like MS Word, which I prefer. I highly recommend it!

Polly Kimmitt

I have been a Reunion user for over a decade (I started with Reunion 2.0, if memory serves me.) and simply can not imagine my life without it. If Reunion never advanced beyond its present capabilities, it would still be the best genealogical software ever developed. The next version, without a doubt will make it even better.

Kenneth Varden Leasa

It's comprehensive and has a smooth interface. It felt right! Excellent program. The manual is a model for other developers.

Robin Lakin

I bought Reunion several years ago after evaluating dozens of different programs for Genealogy, and deciding that Reunion had the best user interface and easiest data entry and navigation. To my delight, the Leister folk were also very responsive to user's needs and wants, and are slowly building us the program we want.

Louis Kessler

Beautiful piece of software - really thorough interface and great manual.

David Brown

It truly is intuitive. It does some beautiful things...The charting program is simply "SUPERB!" CAN'T SAY ENOUGH!

John Cowan

I got my upgrade package of Reunion. I must say that I am very impressed. After spending just a few minutes working in the new version, it was apparent how much work went into improving it.

The new interface and the charting capabilities are fantastic!!

Thanks again!!!

Gregory Floro

Reunion is a fantastic piece of software. I've been entering in my family information for the last week-and-a-half, and I am overjoyed with your program. Buying it was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time.

Douglas Howell

I'd just like to thank you all at Leister for the best application. Reunion is the ONLY application out of the dozens I have that I CANNOT come up with a criticism of, nor can I suggest any improvements. It's too good to be true!

Question: Why aren't ALL Mac applications as good??

Nicholas Michael

Tried another, cheaper program and hated it. This is a great program! Easy to use, takes very little time to input a lot of information.

Terrence McGovern

Leister provides the best customer support I have seen for ANY program of ANY kind.

Frank Mitchell

I have used it since before version 4.0 and I must say it is the first computer program that I've used that has a manual that tells all, and tells it so you can understand it.

Richard Brooks

This version is FABULOUS! Its so darn squeaky clean I'm amazed!

Charles Seggelin

I'm very pleased with Reunion's ease of data entry. I particularly love its high-powered reporting and graphics abilities.

Eric Weber

I have had my Reunion program now for about 6 months and have around 600 names with statistics and commentary included. I am pleased with the look, feel and logical ease of use of your software. You have some sharp people designing your program.

Gary Linn

...so far, I am more than overjoyed with Reunion!

Brenda Van Dyke

Reunion is a well thought out, and well engineered application: very impressive! The depth allows the user to grow into it, and the features yet to be learned, continue to challenge the expertise level. I have a good start on using Reunion, but I have a way to go and a more learning ahead. The results are immediately satisfying, and that makes for a good application.

Jerry Cline

Have just purchased Reunion for the MAC and wanted to let you know it is a marvelous product. The ability to produce large Organization Style Wall Charts for Descendant and Pedigree lines is something I've wanted to do for a long time, and Reunion does them wonderfully. Even on my ten year old Imagewriter they look great.

Paul Kent

Your customers literally sold the product for you at the show.

Linda Plummer

Excellent reviews, good demo program. Excellent software and the manual is the best I've seen!!

John Sinnhuber

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