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Customer Comments

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Just wanted to say "thank you" for a wonderful product. I was desperate to dump Family Tree Maker and did a lot of research before selecting Reunion. The opportunity to demo the software and see just how it operates was the deciding factor. I've been using Reunion for a week now and can't tear myself away from it!

It's stable, versatile, and easy to operate. The potential uses are "light years" ahead of any other software I've used or investigated. A couple of days ago I printed some charts to take with me to the library and at least five people asked me where I got them. You can be assured I told them exactly where to find you!

Thanks, again, for making my life so much easier!

P.S. Your support pages are the BEST!

Toney Schlesinger
Granite Bay, CA

Hearty congratulations on Reunion. In some 15 years of computing I cannot remember another software version advance so packed with practical improvements. Reunion is truly a benchmark achievement. Reunion is the "platinum" of genealogical software.

Dean Smith
Washington, DC

I have been using a Mac for 10 years and have found that REUNION genealogy software is just the greatest. We have about 3,000 entries in our system and can make charts, lists, GEDCOMS, add pictures, and do just about anything you might want to. Five days a week, ReunionTalk Digest comes by e-mail and always lists about twenty e-mails to the discussion group asking questions, answering questions, and generally discussing genealogy. Try it. You'll like it.

Frank Forsburg
Kensington, CA

The best software I've used so far is "Reunion" written by and for Mac users. While it doesn't come with "free" access to online data bases, etc., it is a very comprehensive program and acts like a Mac application should.

Ellen Addington
posted on amug-talk mailing list

I am on a Mac and love it. They have an *excellent* users mail list. I HIGHLY recommend Reunion

Bonnie Meyer
Oakland, CA

Reunion is so much faster and easier to use than Family Tree Maker - I really like it.

Gene T.

I appreciate all you help so much. I am a great fan and long time user of Reunion (since the Hypercard days!). It's a wonderful program and when I ask questions, it's really only about the small details at the edge.

You provide the very best support there is in this very interesting times!

Sue Phillips
Austin, TX

Two years ago I was put in charge of my families reunion. After searching high and low for a Macintosh based program, I stumbled onto Reunion, and I absolutely love it.

Staci Sinn
Fort Scott, KS

I just purchased Reunion and I'm happy. It installed without any fuss. It is straightforward with lots of useful features. It has sound, graphic and movie capabilities (cool!).

Richard A.
Pasadena, CA

It was my mother who turned me on to Reunion from Leister Productions. She was spending lots of time working on our family tree, and having some difficulty with her old Performa and the hundreds of images that she was putting into her Reunion file. What's a son to do? I sent her a new Mac with a bunch of memory and asked her to send me a copy of the Reunion file.

I was blown away by the depth of this application. It is a LOT more than just a family tree drawing software package. Available ONLY FOR THE MACINTOSH!...

We've sold quite a few copies of Reunion, but what is amazing to me is the number of customers who have come in and bought a new iMac because they want to run Reunion software. That's the ultimate praise for a piece of software!

Don Mayer
Kibbles&Bytes newsletter

I have used Reunion for years and and plan to stick with the Mac because of Reunion. I don't think any other program can touch it.

Barbara Waldrop
Forsyth, GA

I, too, have been impressed by the excellent customer service, and the program's consistency over the years.It does its job with such understated aplomb.

Mac users as a group show great loyalty to the Mac platform; but this subset of those, the Reunion loyalists, have no qualms in crowing about the best genealogy application money can buy. It makes me want to go out and look for more family members to stick into the program! It makes genealogy record-keeping and publishing easy and even fun.

Michael Emery
posted on MacCentral

Reunion works, works well and when problems occur -- they fix them. Doubt anyone can compete with them on the Mac. It is so well established and well run. People complain that they cannot read some CD's burned for Windows only. For most genealogy-savvy Mac users, it means Virtual PC is needed occasionally.

Jim McMurry
posted on MacCentral

Reunion does so much and supports so many Apple core technologies and file formats and does it with aplomb. I bought Reunion for my wife, who had been going to her aunt's home and entering information on her Windows machine in who knows what program. Not only was my wife blown away, but she has not come to me one single time for help to figure out how to perform a particular function. Between storing basic info, audio recordings, videos and scanned copies of documents and letters, and the variety of charts available, there is nothing any other program can offer that would make my wife even consider leaving Reunion.

There is no competition

Roy T.
posted on MacCentral

Dear Friends,

Reunion is one of the best pieces of software I have ever purchased.

I maintain a very large database and publish it to the web. Reunion manages entries for my 50,000 plus person database and automatically generates the over 80,000 web pages for the online version at the web site.

Tech support is very good and friendly and there is a mailing list for users to communicate.

If all software was this good, the world would be a better place.

Ted S.
posted on MacCentral

I have to say that not only is Reunion a great genealogy application, it is one of the best Mac applications in any category, hands down.

Through relatives, I was contacted by a woman in Texas who had a GEDCOM file (the standard file format used in genealogy software) will 2,500+ names. She e-mailed me the file, and I tried importing it into Reunion. A error, however, prevented me from importing the complete file. I e-mailed the tech-support folks at Reunion, and received a response almost immediately asking for the file. I sent it to them, and they sent it back the same day, fixing any problems with the file. By far, the best support I've ever received from a software company.

I've had no problems integrating my Reunion files with Windows users, or vice-versa. And as any genealogist will know, swapping files is one of the most crucial factors in genealogy.

J. Walls
posted on MacCentral

I second or third everyone else has said about Reunion. It also does a fantastic job of producing family trees in html for posting on the web.

posted on MacCentral

I purchased this product at Macworld NY 2000. This is one of the best software programs I have ever purchased. I was amazed at how quickly and easily I could input family info and quickly generate family tree's, relationships, web pages etc. I have never read the directions. One of the software gems of the Mac platform. I agree that all other genealogy programs should be compared to Reunion.

posted on MacCentral

I have used all available genealogy programs for the Mac and none of them compare to Reunion. Well written, well documented, and just too easy to use. The forward migration piece should compare all programs to Reunion and show everyone how pathetic all the Windows ports are.

posted on MacCentral

I second the comments about Reunion... When my brother, a Wintel fan, tried it out he said, "Hmm...this is a lot easier than the program I use." Reunion is first-class software.

Tom Dove
posted on MacCentral

Reunion is feature rich and well worth the upgrade IMHO... I only wish half the Mac software vendors would use the Apple interface, assorted tool box features, et al, as well as providing the power of Reunion.

posted to MacCentral

I recommend the program called Reunion. It is not free, and may even seem a little expensive. But if you are going to do "long genealogical research," you will spend more in time, paying for copies, postage, gas on trips, scanning photos, etc., than any program will cost you. A good program will help you do good research and is worth every penny.

Richard Lanham
Posted on soc.genealogy.computing newsgroup

There are two main reasons that Reunion stands alone.

First is that it is a Mac program top to bottom, the others are all ports from some Windows program.

Second is that it is the best on the market. It does quickly and easily all the things you wish to do in the way that you wish to do them and presents the results in the way that you wish to see them.

Ron Parsons
Posted on soc.genealogy.computing newsgroup

If you use a Mac, you have no business using any other genealogy program than Reunion!

Teri Petit

I don't think any other genealogy software for the Mac comes close in terms of quality and technical support!

Kurt Cowling
Wauwatosa, WI

This past weekend, I met another Reunion user at the local library. We met because he had left behind some pages of research on top of a file cabinet where I was working. I glanced at them and noticed they were Reunion Person Sheets. When he came back to claim them, we struck up a conversation. He had high praise for Reunion, of course. He said he liked the program so much he wanted a newer version than the one he had so he ordered a new copy. When it arrived, he found it was the same version he already had. Rather than sending the duplicate back for a refund, he bought his mother a computer, installed Reunion on it, and launched her interest in family history and genealogy. Maybe you can let Apple know that Reunion is helping them increase their market share :)

Dixie Haas

Do yourself a favor and try Reunion for Mac. You'll never look back.

Brian Bauer
Madison, WI

I don't understand why a Mac user would even consider using FTM when Reunion is available. I have used both, and Reunion is far superior.

Bob Kocher
Fort Worth, TX

I should like to thank the people at Reunion for such a marvelous program. I have been using Reunion since version 4, and have found that every upgrade has added useful and practical elements to an already very solid genealogy package. The on-line manual is terrific and much more useful than the book version. The Quickbar gets a thumbs up from me as does the ability to expand the size of the Notes and Logs windows.

Thanks again for your help - it has been greatly appreciated.

Lenore Muskett,
Cambridge, UK

...it pleases me to tell you that I feel that each change has improved the program capability and helped me with the accumulation and organization of over 4,700 of my relatives and ancestors. Thank you.

Phil Forney
Paradise, CA

I've used PAF for 10 years and finally broke down and made the switch to Reunion. I love it !!! I should have done it long ago. Thank you : -)

Mimi P.

...The Mac platform already has an exclusive asset ... known as Reunion.

Reunion is as powerful in terms of features as any comparable software on the Windows platform. It takes advantage of virtually every Mac platform use, from QT to copy/paste. It may well be one of the best supported pieces of Mac software as well.

It's rock solid, feature rich, written for the Mac exclusively, has all the more standard features of capability to export to GEDCOM format used by the better Windows applications, which is standard for genealogy research, based on model of the LDS church file format.

Other Mac software, unfortunately, especially the ports pales in comparison to stability, lack of corruption in use (a somewhat important feature in a database application), etc. Reunion, from Leister Productions, has been the Macintosh standard for many, many years. Don't dink around with encouraging ports of Windows software...

Reunion takes more advantage of the Mac toolbox than FM Pro 5 or Excel 98/2001, about the only applications of comparable power to Reunion. Graphical input/output use with Photoshop 6, text input/output from Word 98/2001, input/output with anything QT 4 based, etc. is remarkable, and are just a few examples.

Use for authoring, a major need for many in genealogy, make this a Macintosh platform product that can't be beaten.

This is one piece of Mac software that is a no brainer.

posted on MacCentral

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