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Mac Home Journal, July 2000

Reunion 7

Review by Jeff Battersby

What Family Tree Maker lacks in user interface, Reunion makes up for in spades. This program is by far the easiest and most sensibly organized genealogy program you'll find.

When you open the program you begin by adding information about yourself, your parents, siblings, spouse, and children. Unlike Family Tree Maker, every person in the database is viewed as an individual, whether they are married or single, and the program makes it very easy to add a spouse or a multiplicity of spouses to any individual. Based upon the birth dates that you've entered, the program displays the current age for every person in your database; the program is also intelligent enough to display the ages of the deceased at their times of death. The main view is completely customizable, allowing you to display or hide any of the fields in your database. You can even create your own custom views if you choose. Web browser-like navigation buttons at the top of the screen make it easy to move through your family tree, and editing information for any member of the tree is as simple as clicking and typing.

The latest version of Reunion now integrates everything -- from charting to its excellent manual -- into one program. In older versions you had to open a separate charting program to create charts, and a Web browser in order to view the manual. The program also includes new context-sensitive help which makes it much easier to get assistance when you need it.

Reunion lacks the research tools available with Family Tree Maker; there are no research CDs included in the package... Research tools are a dime-a-dozen -- anyone can use the genealogy.com Website or purchase any of the CDs included with the Family Tree Maker program for a minimal price. What Reunion lacks in research tools, it more than makes up for when it's time to enter your data.

Looking for the perfect genealogy program? There's no quesion in our minds as to which one is the best. For our family, Reunion is the hands-down winner. With its superior design and wealth of features, it's guaranteed to make uncovering your roots pure pleasure.


Excellent, intuitive, easy to use, makes entering and tracking genealogical information a complete pleasure.