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Mac Home Journal, June 1999

Reunion 6

Review by Jeff Battersby

Reunion has long been rated the best genealogy product available for the Mac. Its slick interface and ease of use make it perfect for family-tree newbies and serious genealogists alike. And Reunion 6 is a compelling upgrade, making it the perfect way to research your roots.

Building a family history in Reunion is elementary. Upon creating a new database, you're asked whether you want to add a new person or import an existing data file. (These steps can be skipped if you just want to play around at first.) Once you've added your first record, you're well on your way. The program provides several means --- all of which are incredibly intuitive --- of adding parents, siblings, children, new or multiple spouses, and virtually any other possible family variant. Within a matter of moments, and even with a very limited amount of information, you can create a clearly defined lineage. Reunion also includes excellent help and tutorial files. If any feature isn't immediately obvious, you'll be able to figure it out in a snap.

Reunion 6 adds a bevy of new features, as well as updating or enhancing many standard ones. You can now add pictures to the Main Family Card View, allowing you to look at old Aunt Jane while you're entering detailed information about her. There is now a Match-and-Merge feature that will search your database for duplicate records and allow you to delete or correct them. The program also provides Privacy Filtering, so you can omit specific personal information that may not be suitable for public consumption.

What makes Reunion a complete standout are its reporting tools. Not only can you easily print out a standard genealogy chart, but your complete database can be ported to HTML so that you can pop it onto the Web for others to see. You can also print out blank Person or Family pages that can be used for collecting information about your family.

The Final Decision. Reunion is the best genealogy software on the market for good reason. Ease of use, intuitive interface, and excellent reporting tools make Reunion the only program you'll need to trace your family history.


Intuitive interface,excellent help and tutorial, perfectly suited for beginners and professionals.