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The Finder, July 1998

Reunion 5

Article from The Finder newsletter of McMug (Mid-Columbia Mac Users Group)

Review by Barbara Baker

For Macintosh Genealogy

Reunion from Leister Productions, Inc. is one of the few genealogy programs written for a MAC and it shows!

I have been using PAF (Personal Ancestral File) for some years and it is a great little program but after you see what Reunion 5 can do -- WOW! Of course you still have to do your own research but this program lets you record the information so that you can make many different reports, searches, and charts.

Reunion 5 has many of the usual features that any good genealogy program should have. Many of the advanced features that are in Reunion 5 include adding pictures to your reports and charts, even movies. It will do a web page and of course it uses GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communication.) for importing and exporting. GEDCOM is a file format that allows exchanging of genealogy documents between different computers and programs.

Reunion can calculate peoples ages, find out what day of the week an event took place and adjust for the Georgian calendar. The Georgian Calendar was introduced in 1582 as a revision to the Julian calendar. Great Britain and its Colonies adopted the Georgian Calendar in 1752.

When you enter information it lets you customize how you view your information and gives you a choice of fonts. The size of the field for additional information can grow for unusually long names. There are many options for events in the note field. It will calculate SOUNDEX numbers and add then to charts and reports. SOUNDEX, Is a methodology used in filing and searching for names to compensate for different spellings of the same name. It is used in U.S. Census and Immigration records.

I am amazed as to the many and varied types of charts and reports in REUNION. To name a few unusual ones, there are Tiny Tafel Report Timeline Chart, Ahnenlafel Report, Register Report and a Pedigree Wall chart.

It will also calculate blood relations up to 255 generations. And tell you who is your cousin twice removed.

If you are planning a family reunion and will be sending a letter, Reunion has the capability of mail merge and mailing labels for your invitation letters.

If you are traveling and plan to do research, Reunion will group according to that location so you can prepare searches in that place.

The program is great for beginners in computer genealogy because of its ease of use. As you advance in both genealogy research and the use of this program there is much more to learn so you should never get bored.