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South Bend Indiana Tribune

Sunday December 7, 1997

Reunion 5 for the Mac - Sophisticated, but Easy

Excerpt from a review by Carol Collins

Genealogy programs for the Macintosh are not abundant, but the ones that exist are gems. That's especially true of Reunion 5, which was written originally for the Mac and then translated into Windows (it has since been discontinued in the Windows version).

Family Tree Maker, written originally for Windows, has been translated for the Mac but it is not the complete program. Nor was Quinsept's Family Roots.

Reunion, on the other hand, is a very sophisticated, very easy-to-use program that will do everything a dedicated genealogist could desire.

In the Reunion 5 version, just been released, the program is almost completely rewritten (Reunion 4 data, however, can be updated with no difficulty).

There are no restrictions on the length of information entered. Each fact and note can be completely documented. Each source may be shared by more than one note, so retyping is not needed. There are no restrictions as to number of families or individuals. The usual Mac shortcuts, such as cut and paste, find, and the like, are supported.

The program allows for multiple marriages and for entering unrelated persons. Multiple charts may be opened at the same time to double check on your notes or for any other purpose.

Reports produced by Reunion have long been the envy of other programs. Descendants and pedigree charts may be drawn three ways: waterfall, left to right, or top to bottom. Wall charts can be made easily, though the sheets of paper will need to be pasted together.

Family histories may be produced with pictures, endnotes and a full index. Timeline charts and a chart analyzing relationships are new in Reunion 5, as are pedigree charts that allow all siblings to be printed. Charts may be printed in color if your printer has the capacity.

You can publish your family genealogy on the Web or CD-ROM with the HTML output. Full sound and video are supported, as well as new image file formats: JPEG, GIF, PhotoShop and more. This is truly a multimedia program.